Think Happy Thoughts...

Tatted up.

I’m getting a tattoo today, and I’m so nervousexcitedscared I think I might pee myself. I have 2 tattoos already so I know how bad they hurt and I’m really not looking forward to the process. Too bad alcohol isn’t allowed beforehand because I really think a glass of wine during the needle point on my back would make it much better.

I’ve wanted to get a tattoo in remembrence of my mom since she passed away in May. Nothing big or flashy, nothing that said MOM emblazoned across it or with the dates that bookend her life. Something simple & delicate that would make me smile when I saw it or others asked about it. The choice was pretty obvious. My mom used to say “I love you to the moon and back.” It was probably one of the only emotional things we kept up, transitioning her “name” from Mommy to Mom or Mama if I was in a good mood. Even through our fights, each time we made up it was what we said to each other. It was in my birthday cards and I even have an inscribed copy of the book as well as a stuffed rabbit my mom gave me (I think I was 19) that I’ll pass on to a future daughter one day.

A few months ago I decided I DEFINITELY wanted the quote permanently inked on my body, shortening it to “…to the moon and back”. I love my friend Alyson’s tattoo on her shoulder blade, also a quote, and decided it was the prettiest (and least fat) place for mine to go. After getting her approval, my decision on both WHAT and WHERE to get the tattoo was made. All I needed was when. At first I said I would do it after our honeymoon. Then I thought for sure before my friend’s wedding where I wore an open back dress as it would look perfect in the outfit. Then I decided ok, before my NEXT friend’s wedding. Or the next… And there we were, no real tattoo plans in sight.

Fast forward to Christmas morning when confusion struck upon opening a box of unscented body wash, and I look at my husband like, huh? Pulling back the tissue paper I found a gift certificate AND an appointment time for my tattoo. I had thought it odd but sweet when he had been interrogating me about specifically what I wanted a few weeks earlier and he claimed he was drawing a picture of it, and now I know he was really trying to get information for the gift. I’m so touched that he not only paid for the tattoo, but also made sure the date was set in stone (or at least written in a book).

So that leaves me to this morning as I’m wondering what to wear to work (I’m going straight to my appointment after) that will allow the tattoo artist to have full access to my upper back without having to chill in his room with the window that faces the street sans shirt or bra. I settled on a tank top my sister sent me from Australia that has a lower elastic back so I can simply push the strap down (hopefully). I also brought a bathing suit top as a desperate option because I really don’t want to wear that in the shop either. Not right now only a few days into my healthy me campaign.

So here’s to pre-tattoo Advil, quick work & a glass of wine at approximately 9pm (AFTER my appointment, people) while watching season 2 of Walking Dead, of course. Honestly, I’m just hoping I’m not asked to use my “indoor voice” which may or may not have happened during my first tattoo. But to my credit, it’s on my foot! That’s supposed to be the worst place! Fingers crossed my back isn’t QUITE so painful. Or loud.

tattoo 2


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