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20 Things About Me

I’m linking up with Kym at Travel Babbles today to tell you 20 things you might not know about me. I thought it would be fun, but it’s been surprisingly difficult to think of 20 things. I’m sure they’ll start bombarding me when I’m in the car later, though (oops, see #13!).

1. My dogs Bruce and Clark are named after super heroes (Batman and Superman). Both of them were surprises from my husband.


2. I was a cheerleader for 13 years and I still love it. In fact, I went to see Bring It On: The Musical last weekend.

3. I can quote almost any episode of Friends. I love to watch it as I fall asleep.

4. Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese is my favorite comfort food. Whenever I’m really down, a big bowl of it will usually pick me up. Throw in some jalapeno chips and you’re golden. Also? Pasta with butter was pretty much all I ate during my childhood and was the first thing I learned how to “cook.”

5. I hate doing dishes. Our apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher and I seriously cringe everytime we use a dish because I know I’m going to have to wash it (sooner or later).

6. I love to read and I go through books like underwear. I’ll read anything if I have to, but love chick lit and memoirs.

7. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. I always think the worst when I have an odd twinge or pain, and live in constant fear that I have a tumor I don’t know about.

8. I’m a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon although I was never an active sister. I stopped caring about things like grades in high school which carried over to college and was strengthened when partying every night become the new norm. A poor GPA kept me from taking a little sister, competing in Greek Week, or having a position. It also kept me from graduating.

9. I want to write novels. This has always been a dream of mine, but my desire to work from home has made it grow.

10. My favorite movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Runners-up include the new Footloose, the Notebook, and Remember the Titans. I will always put Stepbrothers on if it’s playing and the Fast and Furious movies are the background to my life. I was once in the backseat of a car racing on back country roads…half fun, half terrifying.

11. I became obsessed with makeup after a trip to the mall over Christmas break my freshman year of college with 2 friends from high school. They were getting makeup, not me, but I became friends with the makeup artist (you may know her as Jessica Romano from The Glam Fairy…if not, you should) and would sit and watch her do makeup on other people. Other times, she would do my makeup and show me what she did. I have no formal training in makeup other than short training sessions when I worked for Benefit Cosmetics and Chanel Cosmetics and 2 MAC artist classes. I currently work as a freelance makeup artist (in addition to my other jobs…plural).

me jess

12. Even though I’m 24 years old (and have been drinking since 14, shhh) I am still learning how to handle my liquor. Apparently, you shouldn’t lose track of how many whiskey shots you take, leading to crying and throwing up out a window? (Yeah, that story will be coming…and sorry, Frank.)

13. I am a bad driver. Honestly, my biggest drawback is that I have a hard time focusing while driving, which I didn’t even realize until I crashed my car. I have to force myself to keep my mind on the task at hand and not fiddle with the heat or radio, not stare at things out the window, not look at my phone. I never realized what a problem it was and it got me thinking that maybe I have ADD (please see item #7 above).

car 1

14. I’m 5’0. Yes, that is short. No it is not legally considered a midget. Moving on.

15. My desk at work HAS to be organized or I can’t get anything done. I find myself constantly re-organizing it lately because I’ve got so much going on right now and things are always piling up. Too bad I can’t say the same for my apartment!

16. I am extremely clumsy. I have fallen down stairs, tripped, busted ass in Starbucks, walked into doors, door frames, walls, cabinets, bang my knee on my desk regularly, cut my hand with any number of things I’m using, etc. At my friend’s wedding, I cut my palm with a steak knife trying to slice bread. After a few drinks in heels? I’ll need an escort.

17. I tend to wait until the last minute for everything. Major procrastination going on over here. I especially do this when I need to get ready, choosing instead to lay in bed for 10 more minutes or just watch this TV show until the next commercial. And then I’m late.

18. My handwriting looks drastically different all the time depending on how hard I’m trying to make it look nice. In school, I used to re-write my notes if they were sloppy. Sloppy handwriting is a pet peeve of mine!

19. I like to cook if and only if I have mass amounts of time and someone else will do the dishes for me. Also, it doesn’t hurt if the dish includes pasta which almost guarantees I’ll like it. I even ate (and liked!) green pasta in Aruba.

20. Last but not least, I am ridiculously scared of bugs. I make my husband kill them. I was really proud of myself for killing a big big BIG bug while he was away on his bachelor party, but I’m pretty sure it stayed squished on the wall until he came home. I know they’re smaller than me, but I definitely don’t think they’re scared of me.

EXTRA: This used to be my favorite picture of myself until my husband said he didn’t like it. Repeatedly. Kissy face fail.

There you have it. Me in a nutshell. Or rather 20 numbered bullets. Leave a few things about yourself in the comments so I can get to know you, too!


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