Think Happy Thoughts...

Kinda proud.

Ok, now I know it’s been all of 3.5 days since New Year’s officially started, but I am quite pleased with myself. I’ve been to the gym 3 times this week and worked out at home once (Jillian Michaels even kicks your ass in yoga). I’ve been eating fairly healthily by bringing my lunches to work & last night my hubs made steak and mixed veggies and I put together this Lemony Chickpea Salad from Eat Yourself Skinny! It’s one of our favorite side dishes and I plan to make a big ol’ bowl of it and keep it in the frig for snacking and easy access lunches.

My goal isn’t to diet per se, but to become healthy. I’m putting that into practice by making exercise a habit, cooking at home, and keeping fattening foods in moderation. I had a candy cane last night and I’m not going to cry about it. I wanted a candy cane, so I had a candy cane. I’m also pretty proud of myself that I’m sitting here at work (shh) and have already walked the dogs, worked out, showered and got ready, stopped at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast with my co-worker/gym buddy Dana, and now here I am (and will be until 5:30 when I leave to go to my own Bucks). For someone who normally snoozes until the absolute last second then runs around the apartment like a maniac trying to get ready, I say even one day is an improvement.

They say it takes 6 weeks to make something a habit. Valentine’s Day, I’m looking at you.

And so that all may see and not just my husband’s Instagram followers, my tattoo:

real tattoo

AND I DIDN’T CRY OR YELL OR ANYTHING! In fact, I may not have even breathed except while he was refilling the ink. It was so quick and I’m not sure if I’m more of a baby for being scared or wanting to whine. The $5.00 fee per whine (!!!) is most likely what kept me quiet, not my husband’s encouragement that I’m more mature than my last tattoo and can probably take pain a little better (eh, not so sure).

If you’re in North Jersey & looking for an amazing tattooist, go to Frank at Vintage Tattoo. He is awesome! He has tattooed Hubs and his whole family and does amazing work. Besides that, he’s hilarious and puts you totally at ease. He also sees your vision of what you want and alters it to make it incredible. Just his suggestion of making the quote into a curved line instead of straight made my little tattoo so much better. But don’t whine. You’ll get charged.

And now I’m proud twice!


3 thoughts on “Kinda proud.

  1. Awesome job on waking up early and working out, I still rarely make it out of bed early enough to work out before work. I’m not a fan of evening workouts but you gotta do what you gotta do!

    1. I think it’s a lose-lose situation (minus the obvious win of working out)…I hate working out in the morning because I don’t feel awake yet, but working out in the evening means I don’t get home until an hour later! Not ideal either way, but you’re right…gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. Love the tattoo! Looks great. Also very happy you are working out early. Best time of day. However, I would love to do Zumba Monday.

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