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Long time, no see

I’m back. Back to the world of writing. I was gone for a few reasons, the biggest being that I’m pregnant! Hubs and I are expecting our first little baby (besides our furbabies of course) on September 5th and we couldn’t be happier. We found out in early January and during the first trimester everything is supposed to be very hush, hush. Neither Ron or I are very good at keeping happy secrets (about ourselves anyway) and so the news was spilled a little early, but I still felt it wasn’t something to be shared with the internet just yet. Although various posts and pictures (mostly about Special Baby Dinner…more on that in a minute) have hit Facebook, I almost felt like writing about it on the blog was asking for trouble or unnecessary scrutiny. Yet here I am, unable to continue my absence because I keep thinking of things I need to talk write about. Usually these thoughts come to me while walking to my car after a shift at the Bucks or while getting ready for work in the morning, and they’ve been happening so often lately it’s obvious I need to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it were.

Besides the fact that I didn’t feel ready to talk baby on the blog, I’ve also been been a little psycho at work (3 weeks during March found me working full time at BOTH jobs…let’s not even go there) and adjusting to my schedule while pregnant has taken a little longer than I would have thought. I’m looking forward to the summer when I can wind down on hours at the Bucks and get ready for maternity leave. Until then, I think I’ve at least found a good balance and thanks to scheduling meals and lots of help from the Hubs, I seem to have some of my sanity back (which I think he’s thankful for). One of my favorite things he’s taken on is Special Baby Dinner, or SBD for short. Once a week he makes dinner focused around one ingredient, usually a fruit or vegetable of some kind, which he finds from,’s sister site for pregos. During each week of your pregnancy, the Bump tells you what size the baby is and gives you a food as a point of reference. Last week the baby was the size of a mango! So Ron takes whatever food the Bump dictates and makes both dinner and dessert from it (let me tell you, the onion dessert was interesting…). It’s really fun and usually we have friends or family come over because there’s always a ton of food. It also gets us to try new recipes we never would have sought out, like a Mango pulled pork recipe from last week or the dessert onion rings I alluded to earlier. It’s also really fun to see the Hubs so excited about the baby’s progress. It reminds me after a long week what it all means for our future and it amps me up, too (even when I’m ready to pass out standing up).

In closing I’ll leave you with the ONLY bump picture I’ve taken. In my defense, the bump is still recent and I have plans for REAL weekly bump progress pictures only I’ve been too lazy busy to get them going. This Thursday marks 20 weeks and I promise weekly bump pics from here on out.

Not the best picture being that I’m wearing all black and in a hotel hallway with crap lighting and my hair has the worst split ends anyone has ever seen (they’re gone, by the way…along with half my hair), but there’s definitely a bump!

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