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Sleepy Baby


A sleeping baby is the best thing in the world, for obvious reasons. When your baby sleeps, she’s not crying or hungry or demanding you not only hold her but walk around while holding her. When your baby is asleep, you can shower or eat or fold the laundry. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee while your baby sleeps. I thought of all this things prior to having a baby whose naps gave me freedom, but I didn’t anticipate the best parts of a sleeping baby. My favorite thing about my sleeping baby is the way her pouty little lips open in a miniature “O.” I love how she falls asleep while nursing, her warm little body curled around me. Her sleepy funny faces where her eyebrows shoot up but her eyelids remain closed make us laugh very time. I love when she falls asleep laying in my chest with her face nestled in my neck. Her little baby smells and the way you can move her little fingers and feet without her waking up. Maybe the very best part of a sleepy baby is watching her wake up. She stretches repeatedly and smiles so big at us. It reminds me that she is just a little person. Sleepy babies are where it’s at. Overtired babies on the other hand…that’s a different story!



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