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Hot Mess Mama

My little girl turned 5 months old yesterday and I honestly can't believe it. Wasn't it only yesterday that I was complaining of being overly pregnant and trying any and all suggestions to get her to come out? Now she's eating rice cereal in her highchair and sitting up all by herself.

In addition to the massive life change of having and raising a baby, my family has gone through some crazy changes in the past few months. For one, we're southerners now! We moved to North Carolina from New Jersey about 3 months ago. We've been contemplating/thinking about/talking about this move for years now and we finally did it. Of course, we seem to have brought NJ weather with us because it's snowing like crazy here and Ron's school has been cancelled today and tomorrow.


Speaking of Ron's school, he is attending the police academy which is a big commitment. He's in school for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and when he's not in school, he's usually studying. I'm so excited for him because this has been is dream for a long time, and I know he's going to be an amazing police officer.

Lastly, I (obviously) left my full-time job and work exclusively at the Bucks now. I really miss my co-workers from Artistic Academy where I was the Admissions Coordinator for 3.5 years as well as my fellow partners from Starbucks Willowbrook, but I'm also really enjoying working one job for the first time in a year and I really like all the partners and the atmosphere at my new store. Going back to work after having Riley was interesting and really difficult, but I have the world's best support system in my family and Riley's Peepop is the best babysitter ever. I miss her everyday when I go to work, but coming in the door and seeing her face light up when she sees me might just be the best feeling in the universe.

Moving has been hard. We left behind some amazing family and friends, but I know the move was the right decision for us as a family. Hopefully Ron will have some great job opportunities when he graduates the academy, and this area seems like a great place to raise a family, especially compared to over-prices and ever-populating area we lived in in New Jersey (not to mention the rising crime rates – no thank you!). We really miss everyone there and it feels weird not to be able to see our family at holidays or have our friends over for dinner. And it's REALLY weird not to be visiting Ron and Anthony, Bianca and Alyson at Sunset every Saturday night. 😉

I plan on trying to keep up with this blog, if not for writing's sake, then for our family and friends back home. I know, you'll believe it when you see it, right? Me too!



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