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Valentine’s Day for Mama and Daddy!

I love Valentine's Day. I know it's corny and of course I love my husband every day of the year, not just on February 14th, but it's so fun to have a day to celebrate all love. I like getting presents and chocolate and a night out with just my husband. I love getting little gifts from my father-in-law (especially when that gift is chocolate covered oreos from Kilwin's!). Plus, people are just happier on special days like Valentine's, wearing red and covered in hearts.


This was our first Valentine's Day post-baby, and I was mostly just excited to go out alone with my favorite guy. My husband loves to plan surprises and whenever he takes me out, the restaurant is always a secret, which is probably a good thing since I'm a serial googler and would have already had my entire dinner chosen before we even left for the restaurant. Kinda takes a little bit of fun out of the evening. Three years ago, my husband proposed on Valentine's Day (the day after to be exact). He took me to see Wicked, a big deal because I have ALWAYS wanted to see Wicked and Ron hates going into New York City. He also surprised me by taking me to Serendipity III afterwards for dessert another place I've always wanted to go and Ron always said was silly. It is definitely not silly. They have frozen hot chocolate, how I'm not sure. I also had the world's most amazing chocolate cake there and would probably cut somebody to have it again. After we finished our dessert, Ron rushed home and when we got there, our bedroom had been transformed by magic elves (aka his family) with (fake) candles and rose petals and champagne and our dog, Bruce, was wearing a tuxedo. Ron dropped to one knee and proposed to me with our song playing in the background. I cried like a big baby and I don't think the smile left my face for weeks.

It's pretty tough to top that Valentine's, but any night out with Ron is awesome, especially since they're not quite as frequent anymore. Usually when we do get to go out, it's for lunch and we have a third wheel named Riley tagging along, not that I ever mind. Even getting ready to go out was fun this year. When I do my makeup, Riley sits with me in the bathroom in her Bumbo chair, staring at herself and me in the mirror and wrecking havoc to anything in her vicinity on the counter. Our wonderful babysitters, who go by the names of Mimi and Peepop fed Riley girl her cereal while Mama got dressed and (tried fruitlessly) to curl her hair, Finally we took fancy family pictures before Ron and I left, and Riley made Poppy faces in each one of them.

On the way to dinner, it struck me how crazy it is that just 3 years ago, the man sitting next to me in the driver seat asked me to be his wife and in what feels like the blink of an eye, we wee on our way to dinner as a married mom and dad to a 5 month old. Absolutely crazy how quickly time passes.

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated right away at a table next to a window overlooking the lake, which really set the mood nicely. Ron and I splurged on a pitcher (yes a pitcher) of margaritas (pink margaritas!) and each got an appetizer to split – calamari steak and tableside guacamole. All three were incredible. Besides the pretty view, a violinist set the tone of the evening beautifully and Ron pointed out almost every song as one he knew. It actually became pretty funny how he kept knowing (and loving) each song she played. He even tipped her before we left. What DIDN'T set the mood nicely was the Mary Kay lady who came to our table to get me to enter a raffle. Ron thought it was someone from the restuarant as the prize was a gift certificate there, but I saw the label on her jacket and knew otherwise. I just felt it a little bit rude that she bothered us during dinner, but it didn't annoy Ron so maybe I was being a little picky.

Both of our dinners were incredible and we were absolutely stuffed when we left to come home, but we did manage to squeeze in some pineapple cream pie my father-in-law made when we got home. After a day spent with my adorable Riley girl and a romantic dinner out with my husband, I couldn't have been a happier mama. And it is always the best part of my evening to come home to my little princess, even when she is asleep. Sometimes especially when she's asleep!

Valentine's outfit
Too cool in her present from Daddy - a bikini!
Margarita and guacamole
My handsome hubs!
Pollo horneado!
Yummy Mexican dinner!
My crazy little sleeper



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