Family Bonding · Riley Juliet

Slumber Problems

I sleep in a kind size bed. I sleep next to my husband. I also sleep with our two dogs, Bruce & Clark.

Husband, Dogs,

You would think that despite the many occupants in my bed, its size would afford me enough room to sleep comfortably with my blanket and pillow. You would be wrong. Most nights I end up going to bed later than my husband, either because I'm just relaxing or doing stupid chores like folding laundry (like the three loads I folded tonight). He goes to bed early to get a decent night's sleep for the academy so this isn't unusual. I also get up many times throughout the night when the baby cries to either re-insert her pacifier or feed her.

I also sleep with this baby monitor.


When I get into bed, the other three inhabitants are usually already sleeping. Most nights, I need to shift puppies from my side of the bed (or from on top of my pillow, aka a “Bruce hat”) so that I can lay down. Despite these position changes, I usually find myself intertwined around a dog or two and get half-hearted sleep groans when I push them away. As much as I love my pups, they are like little space heaters who cause me to wake up sweating despite sleeping in a t-shirt with the window cracked open. And they are determined little things…they will fight their way under the covers, whether you want them there or not. Good luck if you already made the bed (and would like it to stay that way).

Clark, space heater #1


Sometimes (especially during the middle of the night), I need to wrestle a few inches of blanket away from my roly poly husband who manages to cocoon himself in our (king size!) comforter every night. I should probably just get my own comforter, but I would fear for its safety as well.

Bruce burrowing in next to Ron

I'm just lucky my daughter doesn't sleep with me. The way she rolls and scoots around her crib would have me sleeping with one eye open!

Her preferred method of sleep...butt up, arms in. Weirdo.
Looking angelic in sleep (notice the piles of laundry in the background!)
Riley's first Bruce hat!



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