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Lately…I’ve been feeling the urge to write. I’ve thought about journaling, taking literal pen to paper, and cataloguing my thoughts privately, but I love blogs. I love reading them, and when not completely bogged down by life, writing them. So back to the interwebs I go. I don’t want to say I will post every day or every week or even ever again because once I do, it will be a year before another post appears here so let’s just say hi again and let that be it.

Lately…I’ve been breastfeeding. The past few days I think that has occupied at least a third of each day, if not more. One big difference between my (now 20 months old!) daughter, Riley, and newborn son, Sawyer, is that Sawyer is a typical hangry boy. He wants to eat ALL. THE. TIME. He still sleeps a decent amount at almost 4 weeks old, but if he’s not sleeping or eating, then he is crying to eat. So that’s a tad exhausting. Also? I’m not as good at getting up in the middle of the night this go around. Maybe it’s because I’m a year and a half older or maybe it’s because I’m not taking opportunities throughout the day to nap, but either way I find myself sleeping through the alarm and only jerking awake when the baby starts to cry. It seems find since he is eating nonstop anyway, but still. Last thing about breastfeeding? My boobs hurt. Like 50% of the time, they are swollen and aching…probably because this kid won’t stop eating so my body thinks food is necessary ALL THE TIME. It’s like I’m nursing twins. Ay yi yi.

Lately…Riley takes my breath away with her intelligence, sense of humor, and beauty inside and out. She is SO smart. Maybe all one year olds are this smart, but I doubt it. Of course I’m biased, but my heart swells with pride when she helps put the dishes away or drapes a “may-may” (blanket) over her “bruddah.” She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially butterfly kisses, read books, take baths, and drink “smoonies” (smoothies). She is beyond persistent, a trait I think will help her later on in life. She is definitely headstrong, but still a good listener and a great helper. She makes me laugh hundreds of times a day and surprises me all the time with her skills and intelligence. I love to love that little girl!

Lately…I am really appreciating my one glass of wine at the end of the day. There is nothing like unwinding with a yummy glass of Mommy Juice, even if it is restricted to one glass (probably for the best!)

Lately…my husband, Ron, and I are watching Lost on Netflix. My favorite thing to do after a long day is to binge watch a few episodes. We haven’t done that in a long while due to a busy year, and I forgot how fun and absorbing it is to watch one show almost non-stop.

Lately…I am just really happy, even when I’m overwhelmed and crying or yelling or missing my police officer husband, I’m so deeply happy.


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