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Mad about Dreams

I had the most realistic dream the other night. In the dream, my husband and I had gone to visit friends and family back in NJ. We are planning a trip in June for both visiting and for our good friend Jill’s wedding. I know it will be difficult to bring an almost 2 year old and a 2 month old on a 9+ hour car ride along with a week outside of their element and routines. I’m already somewhat concerned about how this will affect the two kids and by extension me and my sanity. I guess my dreams are mirroring my anxiety that lies beneath my consciousness because in my dream visit, we show up to a party at our friend Matt’s house before going anywhere else. Although there are other couples with children in this group of friends, it is more like a frat party atmosphere where I immediately lose my husband and later find him drunk while I struggle to take care of two kids under two all while feeling completely out of place.

I’m not telling you this to talk about dreams specifically or vent about my worries, but because I woke up extremely angry at my husband. Sleeping innocently next to me, I got the sudden urge to smack him and then yell at him for ditching me immediately, but luckily I’m not quite that insane and I realize my anger had no place in real life. I’m not always this sane though and have actually spent days, or at least mornings, mad at my husband because of something he did in a dream.

Can you imagine being mad at this sleepy face?

Has this ever happened to you? I find it crazy! Is it because maybe the feeling of anger is more powerful than other feelings? Is that just me? How come happy dreams don’t leave you feeling happy? Or maybe they do and we just don’t notice as much because of course we notice negativity before positivity (something I’m working on within my own life). Because I guess I do feel sad after waking up from a sad dream, or at least somewhat melancholy.

Please tell me I’m not the only crazy person out there that this happens to! Anecdotes about how you got even later on are much appreciated as well!


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