Friday Faves

Friday Faves

A few favorite things & moments from the week to take us into the weekend (another fave…especially when my husband is off like this weekend! Sort of, ha)

  1. First and foremost, I am happy to be blogging again. I’m hopeful I’ll keep it up, but maybe my lack of outward commitment will be what keeps me going. I love getting my thoughts and stories down on (virtual) paper. I love to read blogs and have always wanted to keep up with one of my own. I don’t think I’ll be doing any outfit posts any time soon (although a true depiction of my #OOTD might be entertaining enough…mismatched and pajamas and 3 day old leggings anyone?) and my photos could use some work (perhaps they’ll improve along with my level of sleep deprivation!), but this week has been really fun.
  2. For my birthday, my husband gave me a workout outfit from Fabletics. Have you heard of this brand? They put together workout clothes based on your style profile and ship to you each month for $49.95. As a VIP member, your first outfit only costs $25, and you can cancel at any time. This is the outfit I received and I LOVE it! The clothes are great quality, and although I haven’t been cleared to work out yet, I’ve already worn everything at least once. I can’t wait to wear them on an actual run!                                                                                                                                                  Photo Cred:
  3. I have been brewing coffee at my house for the first time! I’ll go more in depth about this on Monday (how fitting…a post about coffee to beat the Mondays!), but a perk of my week has definitely been my daily iced coffees!
  4. I shouldn’t say this. I know I shouldn’t say this, and yet here I am. While Sawyer LOVES (like la la la LOVES) to scream and cry in the afternoon/evening, he sleeps pretty darn well during the night. I feel extremely lucky for this development and yet now that I put it out there in the universe (in print no less!) I’m sure I’ll be up all night from here on out.

    Sleepy Sawyer
  5. My husband and I are starting a diet (officially) this weekend. I need to fit into a bridesmaid dress for my lovely friend Jill’s wedding next month (OMG next month!) which I was measured for 12 pounds and one baby ago. I was in my best shape since high school this time last year and can’t wait to get back to feeling that good. Unfortunately, tiny increments of sleep while chasing after a toddler and being attached to a screaming baby for multiple hours on end doesn’t really make you want to eat salads. All I want is chocolate. Chocolate on everything, please. But today I tried to put on a pair of pants I bought last summer and could barely get them up, let alone zipped. So diet it is. Diet is really the wrong word; we’re looking at a change in lifestyle. Nothing feels better than eating right and working out (besides maybe getting a good night’s sleep in addition to those things) so it really is a fave to be getting back to my best self.

What were some of your best moments or faves of the week?


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