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Sawyer Odin : One Month

Sawyer, or #LordOdie as he’s known on Instagram, turned 1 month old last Friday. It’s funny how every time I think about my kids in terms of their age, I feel like they are so much older and at the same time, so much younger. It’s crazy to think that Sawyer is already a month old. It seems like no time has passed since we brought him home from the hospital and yet it’s as if I’ve known him for a lifetime, and I guess I have: his lifetime. It’s easy to get bogged down by all of the To Do’s in your day: make breakfast, do the dishes, finish work, make dinner, do the dishes, pick up Riley’s toys. It all seems so important in the moment, but sitting with Sawyer while Riley sleeps makes it all seem trivial. Looking at him staring up at me is one of the best things in the world, along with the feeling of him sleeping on my chest. I love when I lift him up from a deep sleep and his body curls up in a big stretch and his little fists reach up above his head. His face screws up into a big baby yawn, possibly one of the cutest things a baby can do. Also? He always has an old man grumpface on. I’m not sure if it’s just his pudgy baby cheeks and little eyes, but he always looks a tad annoyed. It’s pretty funny and makes the few baby smiles he’s given (I got two today! Big wide smiles!) all the better. Below you’ll see his one month picture. I’m trying to figure out which app/program to use to make them. I’m not in love with this one, but I spent way too long messing with it and I’m so tired so it stays.

Sawyer One month

A little about my #1 boy: he weighs 9 lbs. 13 oz, 50% and measures in at inches, 75%. So far both of our kids got their grandma’s height gene as my husband and I are both pretty short, yet they constantly measure on the tall side. He likes to eat (at any and all times), sleep (up to 5 consecutive hours at night!) and be held (especially in the upright position). He gets swaddled at night (which I think contributes to those 5 hour stretches), but never wants his arms to be tied down…then again who does? He poops after almost every feeding and seems to take a new diaper as a challenge to dirty it as soon as possible. He isn’t a huge fan of baths (he doesn’t like to be cold), but didn’t cry at all during his last one. He doesn’t like to have his clothes changed or really to be naked at all. His daddy is really good at getting him to sleep, even during his fussy evening hours. He likes to be carried or driven around in his car seat, and is fighting a mean case of baby acne. He’s still in newborn clothes, but growing fast and loves to spend time with his Mimi and Peepop (Mommy and Daddy had a day date last weekend!). He still has light blue eyes and light brown peach fuzz for hair. He has the squishiest little baby cheeks and we all love to kiss them!

Photoshoot over!
Photoshoot over!

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