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Date Weekend!

Part of the police officer life is long/odd shifts and exhausting days. My husband works for 12 hours at a time (before overtime) and when he gets home, he could fall asleep standing up. Many nights we’re in bed about the same time as Riley, 8pm. I am usually up for a while, but he tends to fall asleep within the hour. His shifts alternate each week, granting him a 3 day weekend twice a month. Although last weekend should have been his turn for a break, he signed up for some off-duty work and although it didn’t consist of nearly has many hours, he still had to work a bit of the weekend. Earlier in the week, we planned to go out on Sunday to see a movie, but when I came downstairs from putting Riley to bed on Saturday night, Ron had surprised me by renting Wild. He bought me the book by Cheryl Strayed for Christmas one year, and I’ve been dying to see the movie ever since. The book is incredible (if you haven’t read it yet, get to Amazon and download it now!) and knowing that the author was also tied to the movie almost guaranteed authenticity at the very least. With our recent Lost obsession, we haven’t been looking at renting movies lately, so it was especially exciting for him to plan this little surprise. What made it even better was that he rented it at Redbox, which I know he hates doing. Just the thought of him going against his movie renting preferences (meaning have me do it!) made it more special.

Movie watching with my lobster husband…burned from directing traffic all day!

In honor of the event, I decided to go out and pick up a bottle of wine and some semi-dietary ice cream. With Pinot Noir and Greek frozen yogurt in hand, Ron and I watched the movie. While I liked the movie and I thought Reese Witherspoon was great in it, the book is definitely better. Of course, I generally think that about all movies that come from books.

Delicious treats…and the omnipresent baby monitor in the background!

When Ron got home from work on Sunday, he took me to the movies to see Pitch Perfect 2. It was hilarious and had some great songs. I love going to the movies and get extremely excited anytime we go. We skipped the snacks and enjoyed some Coke Zero (diet treat!) and the movie. Does anyone else get swept up by the previews? They’re my favorite part of a movie theater experience. I hate when a preview is so good that you end up wanting to see that rather than the feature you actually paid to see. While sitting through the previews, we caught a glimpse of the movie Inside Out. It looks adorable. It’s about a girl named Riley (!!!) and her feelings inside of her, depicted as little creatures. As we were watching, Ron leaned over and told me he was going to take our daughter, Riley, to see it. Even though she’s not yet two years old, I think she will love the giant screen and animated characters. Either way, it was so sweet to see him get excited to take our girl to the movies.

Images courtesy of

After the movie, we went over to the Fox and the Hound for a drink and some appetizers, another fun surprise since we started a diet and beer and boneless wings generally aren’t included. We didn’t go nuts and kept it to the one beer (I tried Guinness Blonde…I never thought I’d be a fan of Guinness, but I love the Extra Stout and the Blonde is a nice summery version of Guinness!), but it’s always so nice to be out alone with my hubs! We try to eat in a lot to save money and keep it to the healthy side so drinks and snacks out were a great ending to our day date! We also took the opportunity to kind of plan our trip to New Jersey next month. There are so many people we want to and need to see! I also need to eat a bunch of Jersey food before returning to the land of Southern cuisine (bleh). I miss pizza, pasta, breakfast sandwiches and Italian subs! I might eat TaylorHamEggandCheeseonanEverythingBagelSaltPepperKetchup every day and gain back whatever weight I lose in the next month, but oh well. Southerners don’t understand our love for breakfast sandwiches! (Seriously, they think putting ketchup on them is weird…they’re weird!)

Overall, I appreciate any and all time my Hubs and I have to spend alone together. When most of our conversations are punctuated by stopping Riley from pulling the dog’s tail or keeping her from climbing on the kitchen table, it’s a treat to spend a conversation focused on each other. Even sitting in the movie theater and occasionally resting my head on his shoulder was like a mini-vacation. This past weekend was a happy and fun reminder that there’s no place I’d rather be!


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