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Friday Faves

This week has seemed long for some reason. Maybe it’s because it followed such a great weekend, but I’m happy it’s Friday! Plans this weekend include swimming with Mimi and Peepop, cleaning, relaxing and barbecuing with the whole family on Monday. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and make sure you spend some time paying respects to those who have served our country!

I took a long walk with Sawyer a few days ago while Riley spent some time with her Mimi and Peepop. I finally put my birthday presents to good use and Sawyer got some sun!

   Speaking of walks…this screenshot of my neighborhood map makes me giggle.

 Eating healthy (with a few cheats…looking at you, root beer floats!) has been great this week. It’s fun to find meals we like again and feeling awesome is the best part. I’ll post more about our healthy eating endeavors next week!

Click the photo for the recipe at – Balsamic Grilled Summer Vegetables with Basil Quinoa

I’ve been watching Parenthood when Ron isn’t home and I’m stuck on a couch nursing Sawyer. It’s awesome…such a heartwarming, funny show. I started watching it because I heard good things and because I love Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore is one of my favorite TV characters), but I think Crosby and Kristina are actually my favorite on the show. I feel like I see myself in Kristina and how she tries so hard to be the best mom ever for her children.

A recent park date with my family is still making me smile. It was Sawyer’s first walk outside, and Riley got to run around the park and work off some energy. She loves climbing on ANYTHING, and I know it will haunt me until climbing things no longer seems like fun for a girl. Her fearlessness exhausts me!



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