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Health(ier) Eating

Hubs and I are In the middle of our second week of eating (mostly) healthy. We’ve made a few meals I found on Pinterest and Instagram, and I thought I’d share the recipes we liked so far. Keep in mind we are also trying to stick to a budget so our daily food intake is not as dietary or healthy as it could be.

One of our favorite meals that I make often is Mexican Lasagna. Tortillas replace noodles in this version of the Italian classic (my all-time favorite meal), and we multiply the fiber by using Mission Carb Balance tortillas. They have 26g of fiber which greatly offsets the carb intake. With ground turkey, low fat cheese, beans and salsa, we manage to make this meal much healthier for you.

We also tried this “smoky chicken, pepper, and spinach pasta salad” served warm. It was incredible and super filling, no side needed. I seem to struggle with anticipating how much food my hungry police officer husband is going to need when he gets home from work after a 12 hour shift, so a filling meal is a big plus in my house. We used whole wheat pasta to make this meal a bit more carb friendly, but otherwise I didn’t change a thing.


I brought this three bean and zucchini salad from the genius over at to my in-law’s yesterday for a Memorial Day BBQ, and it was a hit. Have you ever made zucchini noodles? The Spiralizer is pretty easy and diversifies your vegetables enough to make you forget you’re even eating them. I’ll do another more in-depth post on the Spiralizer and the terrific recipes we’ve tried from and accompanying cookbook.



Last but definitely not least, I’ve read about protein pancakes forever and always assumed they would be difficult or require a million ingredients so I never tried to make them, but I’ve been craving that baked good type of breakfast, and I knew pancakes would satisfy that yesterday morning. I found this recipe and actually had all the ingredients on hand to whip them up…super delicious. They don’t necessarily taste exactly like pancakes, but they cooked really easily and the combination of banana, cinnamon and vanilla extract totally fulfilled my need for baked deliciousness.

By the way, these past few weeks probably make up the only time in my adult life where I had ingredients on hand to put together various meals (think potatoes, onions, chicken broth, vanilla extract), and it makes me feel so grown up. Being able to make those pancakes this morning was a mini-victory for the cool portion of this hot mess (although how COOL it is probably depends on your definition of the word…).


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