Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Fridays seem to take forever and yet sneak up on you at the same time. I’m excited to have my husband home this weekend (yay for the weekend off!) and to have some relaxing time. I also need to clean the house and (finally) fold the laundry…not so exciting, but it always feels good when it’s done. We’re going to a BBQ for my husband’s work on Sunday which I’m looking forward to. Maternity leave gives me all kinds of cabin fever! Below are this week’s faves!

Harris Teeter Home Shop – My mother-in-law used to work for Harris Teeter and one of her many roles there included home shop. She would actually shop people’s orders that they placed online. I love to grocery shop (sans children anyway) so this almost seems fun. Of course, needing to get it done quickly and accurately sounds less fun. Anyway, I finally tried the service myself last week after attempting to bring one or both children with me lately. Sawyer seems to take any absence from me as an excuse to scream at the top of his lungs and grocery shopping with 2 under 2 is its own special torture. I love that I can order my groceries online and then just pull through the drive thru to pick them up a few hours later. Totally easy and scream-free!

We had a BBQ at my in-law’s house for Memorial Day and my littles are just the cutest. Riley loved the inflatable pool set up on the deck and was in and out of the pool for hours. She also discovered dip and dunking chips in dip is now her new favorite pastime. She didn’t stop at dip however and also tried to dunk her chips in the pool… You’re not doing it right.   

    Week 2 of (semi) healthy eating has been good although my sweet tooth is just not backing down this go around. All I want is chocolate and peanut butter and ice cream nonstop all the time. The only reason I haven’t eaten a carton of ice cream is because we don’t have any, but I did convince my family (it wasn’t that hard) to go to Kilwin’s for a pre-dinner treat earlier this week. Kilwin’s is the most unbelievable chocolate shop located in a shopping center here in Huntersville and their ice cream is out of this world. They have marshmallow flavors for summer and my ice cream consisted of a giant scoop of S’mores and one of Fudgie Brownie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it… 

Ron’s ice cream cone…I prefer cups

Riley and her blue ice cream
 Sawyer is starting to look more like a little person. He’s been awake a lot more, and he is just a lowkey baby. He seems to just take his surroundings in, and even though his smiles are not super frequent yet, I live for those gummy little grins. There’s also something about the way a baby grabs on to you like you’re their life raft (and in some ways you are) that makes my heart melt. I love to cuddle his warm little babyness! 

 I’m going to the doctor for my 6 week postnatal checkup tomorrow and I’m excited to be cleared for exercise. Of course this will be a blessing and a curse because I won’t have an excuse now to work out. My plan is to take walks with babies in the evenings and try to fit in short runs here and there when my husband is home. We have a workout bench and weights in the garage, and I always have my trusty Turbo Fire or the Insanity that ruled my and Ron’s summer last year to fall back on. Wish me luck!

Turbo Fire with a tiny Riley
Turbo Fire with a tiny Riley

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