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It’s only a sun shower, we been through worse weather

It’s almost 6pm on a Monday, and I just finished up some tasks. I’m sitting at my kitchen table watching the sun shower come down through the picture window that looks out to our backyard. The back door is wide open and through the screen I can smell “outside” mixed with wet dirt, a wholesome, fresh kind of scent. The rain is making “tap, tap, tap” noises on the grill cover on the patio, and the whole scene has the feeling of a re-do. Rainstorms, especially sun showers, seem to be nature’s way of starting anew and rinsing the day away. I wish Riley were awake to look out at the rain with me, but I have Sawyer cooing in his Mamaroo nearby. I love the rain. I love its excuse to stay in and watch Netflix on a nothing day. I love the smell it leaves behind. I love everything about a sun shower, and don’t even mind getting wet, feeling the cool drops on a warm day. I love rain storms like this, where it gets faster and harder and then peters out to a slow drip, drop, almost like the building and dropping crescendo of a song. It leaves the unexpected possible.


I was planning on taking the kiddos for a walk this evening and I still might even the rain stops and the sun comes out for a bit more before it goes to bed. But right now, with a napping toddler and content baby, I have no excuses not to enjoy the moment…and then use it to exercise! You can catch me in my living room, working out to free Youtube videos on my laptop. I promise to share my favorite (free!) programs at some point coming up, but for now, I hope you’re enjoying your weather however you’re able right now!

And in what feels like an instant, the sun is back and construction or landscaping has resumed down the street (I’ve been listening to some kind of power tools all day) and my little sun shower feels like it was all in my imagination. But the world is bright and new, perfectly fitting for June 1st!


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