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To Sonic or Not to Sonic…

What is it about diets that make you want all things delicious and terrible for you? Yesterday I took Riley to Target to get her sandals for our friend Jill’s wedding coming up next month (Riley is a flower girl!), and managed to willpower myself away from Pizza Hut, Starbucks, AND Chik-Fil-A. Chik-Fil-A is not normally somewhere I would need to try to resist, but I recently saw an ad for their frozen lemonade and after learning it was delicious lemonade mixed with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, I have seriously been jonesing for some. I tried to make a Crystal Light slush when I came home and it was only marginally successful. It was more like an extra cold glass of Crystal Light.

Also, for months, if not years, I have been intrigued by the Sonic commercials showcasing their million flavors of shakes. Ron said they probably aren’t that good, based on our opinion of their food a few years ago, but for some reason my taste buds are still suckered in. We just had a debate over whether a 20 minute ride to what may or may not be a sketchy part of Charlotte was worth a wide selection of shakes. I was on the pro side of the trip.

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Honestly, it’s just an excuse for a fun trip to get a delicious milkshake, which for some reason I am all about lately. I hide my milkshake craving in chocolate banana peanut butter protein shakes (recipe to follow later this week!) once every few days, and while delicious, they just aren’t the same as the fattening ice cream version.

Last night after my Target trip that resulted in zero delicious treats, I sat on the couch nursing Sawyer and googling homemade skinny versions of yummy frozen drinks. I didn’t have the necessary ingredients for any of the drinks, a failure for grown-up Lindsay’s pantry, but probably a plus for my budget and waistline as I am sure they wouldn’t come out right until I’d blown through my ingredients. I plan to find or come up with some deliciously decadent yet still semi-healthy frozen drink for the summer, but until then I will settle on the Weight Watchers ice cream bars I brought home this weekend. A great find…Harris Teeter had them on super sale! I ended up paying about $7 for four boxes of low-fat ice cream bars. Gotta love that kind of savings!

Back to the situation at hand…are Sonic milkshakes worth a potentially shady trip? My rational side says no, but my inner fat kid says it’s worth a shot. Should I compromise with a Chik-Fil-A frozen lemonade? Should I try to fill these time spent lusting over fast food beverages with some exercise? In the event that doesn’t work, do you have a semi-diet frozen treat recipe you’d like to share with the class? Please do if so!

Riley loves shakes, too, as evidenced by these photo of her enjoying a Shamrock Shake with her Peepop on St. Patrick’s Day. And now I want a Shamrock Shake. Send help.

P.S. – I have made “ice cream” out of frozen bananas in the past. Super delicious and not at all bad for you. Will share that as well later this week!


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