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Working on my fitness

There’s something about a new month that makes me feel refreshed, like a blank page in a journal. Ever since I was little, I loved having a new planner and a fresh page on the calendar makes me inordinately happy. June 1st falling on a Monday was like a double whammy of calendar joy. I have always had a weird thing with even numbers and starting a new month the same day as the beginning of a new week just feels extra fresh.

On Monday I woke up early, not on purpose, but just because Sawyer & his little dinosaur noises decided it be so. It honestly wasn’t even all that early, but Riley wasn’t up yet so to me that seems early. It gave me the opportunity to get up on my own without waking up to her yelling at me through the baby monitor, which always feels better than an alarm, human or otherwise. I managed to move Sawyer downstairs to his Mamaroo and make my iced coffee (I’ve since perfected my coffee to water to ice ratio!) and warm up a cookie that Ron & Riley made last weekend (sounds like a terrible breakfast, but the cookies are made up of bananas, oats, raisins, cinnamon chips & vanilla extract – so delicious!). I actually sat down on the couch to nurse Sawyer instead of in front of my computer screen and watch an episode of Parenthood (my obsession). Anytime my day starts out well it seems to have some of these qualities: waking up earlier than the kids, sitting to relax and watch TV or read & catch up on current events or blogs (I love the Skimm for an abbreviated, but knowledgeable update on what’s happening in the world), and starting my day on time. Feeling rushed or bombarded by toddlers doesn’t make for a great start to anyone’s day.

I also began to work out on Monday, since I was cleared to do so last week (yay!). I have a couple of apps/websites that I love for helping with my fitness goals, and I figured I could help a friend out by sharing.

First and foremost, Map My Run. An app powered by Under Armour, May My Run allows you to track your route and find your way home if you get lost (as some of us might have done in the past). It gives you updates as to time and mileage every five minutes, and even allows you to initiate coaching or stream music through the app. You can also save your workouts and track your progress. There is a bunch of other functions in the app, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with. Through Map My Run, I also found Run Trainer, also through Under Armour. Run Trainer allows you to enter your current activity level, the desired amount of running days, the distance you’re training for and when you’d like to complete it by. With all this information, it gives you a training program to achieve your goals. My current goal is to complete a 10k by September 1st and with Run Trainer, I might be able to make it happen step by step…literally.

Tone It Up is a website I’ve been following off and on for a long time. Run by two gorgeous girls, Karena and Katrina, it consists of a nutrition plan as well as free exercise videos. They also sell workout DVD’s, swimwear, and their own line of on-the-go protein powder, but Tone It Up is mainly an online community for girls trying to lose weight and get healthy to gain support and learn to make smart choices. They post free workouts as well as weekly schedules that go along with different 8 week series. Their workouts are challenging without being impossible, and they are always super cheerful and positive. If nothing else, the beach background definitely helps to distract you from the pain of the full minute of squats you’re doing.

Karena & Katrina of Tone It Up…click to get to!
Blogilates is another website I found and love. Cassey Ho runs the pilates driven website and also offers free workouts set to a monthly calendar, along with a shop full of fun workout gear (I’m especially intrigued by her detox water bottles for infusing your water with fruit!). She recently began Pop Pilates as a program that can be taught at gyms all over. She is VERY positive and bubbly, but her challenges are very hard and I love that her videos are usually a max of 20 minutes long with many being between the 5-10 minute mark. It certainly makes it easy for a busy mom to fit in a 5 minute video. She also has an app that makes the whole shebang more convenient for you!

These programs have helped me in the past to lose weight and get fit, and I’ll be using a combination of all three to get in shape this time around. It’s important to schedule time for yourself to work out because you’re the only one that can make it a priority for yourself, which is something I need to remind myself every day. In the same breath, it’s also good to remember that you’re not superwoman and working out every single day the first week back, which is how I’m justifying going to bed without working out. Ha! Plus by going to bed early(er) tonight, I can hopefully get up early tomorrow and go for a run (cool with you, Ron? JK hopefully it will be over by the time you read this!). Priorities people…beauty sleep then beast training!
**I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who reached out after my post yesterday about making friends. I love hearing from anyone that reads my blog and I’m so happy if something I write helps or speaks to you. It also made me feel better to know that even people in my own circles feel similarly! Thank you again 🙂


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