Think Happy Thoughts...


Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit lost. Maybe it’s because the hubs is partially through his month of nights which always throws the life schedule off a bit. Maybe it’s because Sawyer is in his difficult baby phase (AKA he cries every afternoon/evening nonstop). Either way I feel like I am missing something, missing some kind of structure to my day which makes sense being that I am home with two miniature people all day every day without somewhere to be or something that needs to be done. As much as I have always hated getting up and getting ready and driving to work, especially since Riley was born because going to work meant leaving her, but doing that meant a schedule and structure in a day.


After my little man finally passed out…and after my resume trip to MAC, hence the makeup
With that in mind, I sat down today and came up with a daily schedule for the kids and me. It seems kind of silly to think of having a schedule for kids so young and a mom who is just home all day, but maybe it’s what’s necessary. Every and What to Expect email I get about kids seems to preach structure in children’s lives, down to their “before bed” schedule. I never really jumped on the scheduling thing for Riley outside of her daily nap…yes one. Sometimes she would also take a 2nd nap, but it was far from an everyday happening. This time around, I’m thinking schedules sound great. Adding some structure to our lives can only be a good thing, especially if I try to remember to go with the flow should it get messed up or need to be altered.


Riley “doing nice” to a crying Sawyer
I started re-reading The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin. It might have the longest title of all time, and I’ve read some generally controversial insight on the book, but I found it to be enlightening, at least in that it shed some light on factual information regarding happiness. Not a bad read when focusing on your own happiness, it seemed a natural jump from a guide on finding friends. So far I’ve only just begun getting back into chapter 1, but it goes over some basics, like getting enough sleep, exercising and organizing your home & task list. Small tangent here…I am a master at To Do lists….writing them anyway. Getting them done is another story. I love writing lists and always have. The only problem is my To Do lists are generally 20+ items long and feel completely daunting. Gretchen Rubin suggested tackling a big task that has been getting at you. There are no shortage of tasks around my house, many of which are NAGGING. I think the biggest and best thing I can do with my task if to finally get my husband’s t-shirt quilt made. As part of my anniversary gift to him last year, I bought him a t-shirt quilt, but have yet to send in the shirts to be made into the quilt. I am kind of compulsively terrible at following through with things (yes, Ron, I admit it!). I have started far too many things without seeing them through to fruition (scrapbooking, quilting, blogging to an extent…until now), and maybe it’s time to stop doing that. Part of the problem is definitely that I try to do things that I’m not completely interested in or feel like I should be interested in or that it would be great if I were interested in it, so sometimes I need to say no to my silly ideas. Another part of it is that I’m lazy and what little time I have left after family, work, chores, etc. I prefer to spend unwinding through Netflix and books.


True happiness.
Anyway, now that I have truly gone off the rails and given you insight into the lack of organization in my life, I’m telling you that will all change! My new schedule will not only have me going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, but SHOULD (if followed, anyway) give me time to work on my blog, exercise, read for pleasure, get housework done without spending a whole day on it, and even still give me time to hang out with my family. We’ll see how it works out, but I have high hopes that it will help with a happier, or at least more STRUCTURED life.


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