Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Another week, another dollar…or something like that. I considered not doing a Friday Faves post this week. It’s been a rough one. But then I thought about what that meant in the big picture, and I remembered there are always things to be happy about. Despite a crying baby each night or a messy house with baskets full of clean, unfolded laundry, the big picture is much brighter than all that. So thinking positive, here’s my Friday Faves. Here’s to a wonderful, sunny weekend!

I went to bed pretty late last night. I was writing my blog post and then decided to mess with my airbrush makeup machine and put away a basket of laundry and just random stuff. Somehow I ended up being awake until 2am and then Sawyer decided to wake up 3 times before 6am. That last wakeup happened just as my husband was getting home from work and he sat in bed with him for a few minutes while I went to get a fresh onesie (he had a mini explosion) and some more diapers. When I came back, Sawyer was all smiles. Ron has a knack for making him smile…and getting him to fall asleep! I laid down in bed with my boys for a few minutes and felt genuinely happy, despite having barely slept and know I was going to have to get up soon anyway. Baby smiles are one of the best things in the entire world.


I took Riley and Sawyer to the park a few days ago, and Riley was in seventh Heaven. She absolutely loved running and climbing all over the playground, and she is a champion at going down slides. She scared the crap out of me by climbing all the way to the tippy top of the playground and going down the twisty slide. I made her take her shoes off and throw them down to me because a friend once told me about her cousin who broke his leg when his sneaker got caught against a plastic slide. Ever since, I’ve had a mini heart attack every time she goes down the slide. I figured instead of fighting it, I just left her run around in her polka dot socks.


Earlier this week, I updated my makeup artist resume and took it down to South Park mall in Charlotte and dropped it off at the MAC counter. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to apply as a freelance artist. I used to get jobs through friends and family in New Jersey, but I don’t have that network of clients down here in North Carolina. Before I went down to the mall, I did my makeup full out with concealer and eyeliner and EVERYTHING. It’s been a long time since I really tried and went all out on my makeup, and it felt awesome. I used to do my makeup all the time, and I once wrote about the stress relieving qualities of putting on foundation. I swear the second that foundation brush hits my cheek, my stress begins to dissolve. You’d think with that reaction, I would do it more. Either way, it felt really nice to get dolled up.

Sawyer hangs out in his Mama-roo a lot during the day, which used to be Riley’s Mama-roo. Riley is such a little mom. She helps me change his diaper and gives him kisses and asks him to “holdy” the baby. She asks for him when she first gets up and helps me to rinse the soap off of him in the bathtub. Earlier today, my husband and I were watching TV on the couch while I fed Sawyer, and Riley took the opportunity to place her baby doll in the Mama-roo. I catch her doing this stuff all the time. Her baby doll also likes to take rides in Sawyer’s carseat and get her diaper changed on Sawyer’s mat. Riley also loves to tell me that Sawyer needs a hat and a “may-may” (blanket).


I tried freezer meals for the first time this week, and although we’ve only eaten two of them, they have both been a success. Plus, not needing to prep dinner and use only minimal cooking has been such a relief these past two days. Yesterday we had Coconut Lime Chicken and today we had Slow Cooker Ribs. I used meal plan 2 from Living Well Spending Less and her Sunday prep post because all the meat was on sale this week at Harris Teeter. The ribs especially have been super delicious. Prepping the week’s meals once a week takes only about an hour, and saves what seems like crazy amounts of time during the week, especially when Sawyer is crying nonstop for hours in the evening. I highly recommend trying freezer cooking, and feel like a big dummy for not having tried it since now!


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