Friday Faves

Friday Faves – Comeback Edition

Here we are – it’s Friday! Although all week I thought yesterday was Friday so this is more like Friday 2.0. I have to confess I’ve already failed big time at my return to blogging this week. Ron and I went to dinner at an amazing restaurant last night with his parents, and I took approximately 3 pictures despite us ordering half of the menu. I even forgot to have Ron’s parents take a picture of us (and we looked so cute, too). Anyway, my faves probably would have consisted of 18 pictures of meals you couldn’t eat through your computer screen so you’re welcome in advance for not forcing food porn down your throat (that sentence got more graphic than I meant it to!). To cap off this week, my favorites as below:

  1. We took Riley to scope out a pre-school, and she loved it (as we knew she would). She walked right into each classroom we peaked in and sat down to play. It might be possible she made herself a bit too comfortable in the older kid room as some of the kids were looking at her (and us) like, “who’s this chick?” I really love her super friendly nature and the way she can (and DOES) talk to anyone. She really carries a light around with her that makes everyone smile!
Riley in the snow last month

2. Ice cream with my in-laws this week was an unexpected departure from the norm. I always like to try to do little things with the kids to make their days fun and bring them some excitement. My mother-in-law had the idea to take the kids to Kilwin’s, best ice cream in our area (doesn’t hold a candle to my cousin’s ice cream, Cliff’s in NJ though!) after Riley’s dance class. I picked up Mimi and Peepop (my kids’ names for their grandparents) while Riley was at dance, and she was so excited to see them when she was done with ballet. They were so excited, and it was definitely a highlight for them (and me!)


3. My sister-in-law, Jen, came over to watch the kids while we went out to dinner last night. She came prepared with coffee (for herself), little gifts for the kids, and all the fixin’s for an ice cream sundae party. I always love getting the multitudes of pictures when Jen babysits (usually of the kids wearing something silly). She showed me the sweetest video of Riley saying she wants to grow up so she can be Sawyer’s mommy. Just too cute!

An old picture of Jen and Sawyer
Riley “putting Sawyer to sleep” with a story earlier this week

4. My OTHER sister-in-law, Jamie, just adopted a kitten yesterday! Her name is Venus and she is so cute. Her gray fur reminds me of my kitten from when I was in high school (named Little Gray, both appropriately and uncreatively). It was so fun to play with her for a few minutes when we stopped by after dinner last night. It also made me want to come play with my pup-a-lups as well!

Hi, my name is Venus!

5. DINNER LAST NIGHT! Ohemgeee The Cellar is definitely up there in the top ranks for Charlotte restaurants. It has a speakeasy feel being below Duckworth’s in Uptown Charlotte, and their cocktail menu is incredible. Each drink is completely handcrafted – right down to the smoked woodchips in my father-in-law’s bourbon drink. My bourbon Chai drink even came in a tiny flask! They also have a big beer cellar (hence part of the name, I assume) that houses rare and hard-to-find beers. It was super cool to see! Ron and I ate here last year and knew we wanted to give a giftcard to his parents for Christmas. Being the super nice parents they are, they invited us to come with them to use it! We had all small plates to share, which allowed us all to try so many different dishes.

BONUS – I love when my husband surprises me with Starbucks. He REALLY isn’t a Starbucks guy. He would always be happy to try something when I worked there, but he hates the lines, the wait, and really doesn’t drink coffee. I always consider it a super special surprise when he brings me home Starbucks because I know how much he dislikes going there, haha! He brought me home a Molten Chocolate Latte off their Valentine’s Day menu earlier this week, and I was in mama Heaven!

What could be better than coffee with Lorelai Gilmore?


I’m linking up this week with Smidge of this, Carolina Charm & Hello! Happiness!



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