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Read in January – 4 down!

Reading MIGHT BE my all-time favorite thing to do. Generally, if I have 5 minutes of time to myself, I will spend it reading. I read in the morning while drinking my shake. I read when I eat (if alone). I read when I’m waiting for the doctor or something. I read in the bathroom. I read before bed. I have actually been out with actual people before and wished I was home reading. In high school, I called out of work because the last Harry Potter book was released. I finished it in 2 days.

Anyway, I want to read 50 books this year. Considering I am always reading, it didn’t seem to hard at first, but now that I think about it…50 books is almost one a week. Meaning I can’t slack off. I’m unsure yet if re-reading books I’ve already read will count or not (already done once this year…oops!), but for now let’s say not, and if I catch myself re-reading too much, I may revise. (Sidenote – does anyone else do this? My husband and mother-in-law both do not, but I love re-reading books. A. it saves me money and B. it’s like re-watching movies for me. Maybe it’s because I have a terrible memory so I half-forget what happens, but I always enjoy a good re-read. I have books I’ve re-read multiple (like 10) times.

So long-winded into aside, I thought it would be fun to share the books I’ve read and what I thought of them. Some of my favorite blogs do this, and I love adding books to my wish list off of their recommendations. So in January I read…

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Based on a teenage gymnast headed for the Olympics, Megan Abbott’s latest book was really about ambition and what it does to a family. Ron gave me this for Christmas, and the main draw for choosing it was my own gymnastics history. Although never even close to being on the same level as the girls in the book, I competed in gymnastics from about age 8-12, and during that time, I soaked up everything there was to know about the sport and its leaders. The 2006 Olympics took place during this time, and I remember pretending to perform floor routines with my sister across my parents bed while pretending to be Dominique Moceanu. I loved the gymnastics references in the book, and Megan Abbott has a gift for creepy suspenseful writing. I kept waiting for the twist in the book, and when it came, I wouldn’t say it was unexpected, but she was able to trick me a bit. Definitely worth the read if you’re into thrillers like Gone Girl or if you are just a crazy gymnastics enthusiast!

Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

I absolutely inhaled The Hunger Games and Divergent so as soon as I unwrapped this box set on Christmas morning, I knew I would be excited to read these as well. Ron really killed is this year with his book pics (which are always my favorite Christmas presents), and I couldn’t have been happier. An intern at his work recommended these to him, and I finished them in about 2 weeks (because I’m a psycho, not because they’re short). Set in a Dystopian society, the books follows the relationship triangle between Cassia, Ky and Xander. I really enjoyed the trilogy from the first book (Matched) where we learned about the society and how it functions (always my favorite part of a series – see also Divergent, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc.) to Crossed where we experience Cassia’s physical journey to Reached, which was probably my least favorite of the books, at least until closer to the end. The first book is told completely in Cassia’s point of view, the second alternates chapters between Cassia and Ky, and the third and final book is told by Cassia, Ky and Xander. I wasn’t sure if I would like these changes, but in the end I did. One of my favorite parts of the book was learning how the society kept only a small portion of things from ancient people (they mean us) like poems and paintings and as I progressed through the books, I thought it was really interesting and somewhat eye-opening to see how much value was placed on these items, especially with the realization that once they’re gone, we can’t get them back. Definitely read these if you’re into the futuristic YA novels. I’m sure they’ll make great movies one day!

Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak

I also re-read Save Karyn, a book I’ve owned forever and have read a million times. It’s always makes me feel better when I’m a little broke to see how frivolously Karyn spent $20,000. Plus, reading along as she comes up with a crazy clever “why didn’t I think of that?” way to pay it off is hilarious and inspiring at the same time. I definitely recommend this one for a light read when you’re in the mood for something funny (or to feel better about your bank account).


3 thoughts on “Read in January – 4 down!

  1. next on my book list is that matched series…you and i are always on the same page with these dystopian society books. can’t wait

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