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Sixth Engagement-aversary!

Six years ago yesterday, my husband asked me to marry him, and it was beyond a doubt one of the best moments of my life. Other than our wedding and when my kids were born, it was certainly the best overall night of my life. I’d bet maybe it was better than either of those (and less painful that 2 of them!).

Baby faces
I’ve said previously how much I love the Timehop app, but it’s only recently that I look at it every single morning. Sometimes it’s silly things and old status updates, but other times it contains pictures or memories I wouldn’t remember otherwise. Six years ago, I posted a photo of the inside of our pantry. Ron had gone food shopping and bought 3 boxes of fiber bars as well as 6 boxes of PopTarts. I captioned it that I loved when he went food shopping. 

Later that day, I posted a status that I won a Chobani giveaway and that they were going to send me a bunch of free Greek yogurt. I said it was going to be a good day. Because I won yogurt. Oh sweet pre-fiance Lindsay!


The night earlier (Valentine’s Day), I took Ron out to our favorite sushi restaurant as my gift to him. He had told me already that he was taking me out the next night, but not where we were going. He revealed at dinner that night that he was taking me to see Wicked after work, and I think I had never wanted to see something more. I was so excited. All day at work I couldn’t concentrate. My boss told me that morning that she thought I was going to get engaged, and I told her she was crazy. Again…oh sweet pre-fiance Lindsay!


This event deserved 2 separate status updates.

I left work early so we could drive into the city before rush hour and ensure we made it to the theater on time. We got a couple of drinks to enjoy before the show, and I point out a man wearing his wedding band to Ron. I commented that my dad never wore his wedding ring because he worked in construction, and I said how nice it was to see that man in his. Oh sweet pre-fiance Lindsay…you are so not subtle!

Our seats were pretty far up, but in the tiny Gershwin Theatre, there really wasn’t a bad seat. The show was amazing. I can’t begin to describe how I felt watching that play, hearing those incredible songs. I was obsessed. (Ron later bought me the soundtrack CD, and I pretty much wore it out listening to those songs on repeat. Ron and I still play them sometimes and then Riley asks for Moana instead.) The show ended, and we headed to the 2nd part of our surprise evening – Ron was taking me to Serendipity 3! I had actually ruined this surprise the night before. I have wanted to go to Serendipity 3 since seeing the Kate Beckinsale movie with the same name, and when Ron told me we would be seeing Wicked, I suggested going to Serendipity 3 after. Ron just rolled his eyes at me. He knows me so well. (I would “oh sweet pre-fiance Lindsay” here, but unfortunately I still do this. Ron is never amused.)

At this point, I’m not sure I can continue writing this story without chocolate. Serendipity was Heavenly! The portion of the restaurant that we were in was about the size of my bedroom and jammed with tables and Tiffany lamps. It was a little overwhelming, especially once we saw the “Golden Opulence Sundae” on the menu that costs $1,000 and requires 24-hour advance notice. We ordered the famous “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” and the “Chocolate Blackout Cake.” Both were insanely good. Like so good, I might need to go get more chocolate just thinking about it.


Ron started rushing me to leave, and had I thought about it, I might have found it odd, but I just figured it was a weeknight and he wanted to go home. He never loved going into NYC. Oh sweet pre-fiance Linds!

We drove home (rather quickly), and when we walked in, Ron insisted on taking Bruce into our bedroom for a surprise. Again, this should have made my brain blow up with little “OMG!” signs, but it didn’t. I was tired and full of chocolate and Wicked songs and excited for another surprise, especially once having to do with my little Brucey-poops. (It should be noted that prior to having Riley, I once argued with a friend that my dog was the same as his young daughter. Oh sweet pre-mama Lindsay!)

Don’t mind the tons and tons of laundry in the corner…
Ron came back into our apartment living room to get me, and as we walked down the hallway, I saw rose petals along with a line of fake tealight candles (safety first) leading in an aisle to our bed. (Our bed is probable my favorite thing we ever purchased together…other than our pets and house. It totally signified a change in life toward adulthood for me. But maybe that’s a post for another day!) There was champagne on the dresser along with two glasses and a bunch of flowers (as well as some bridal magazines!), but the best part of the scene was that little Bruce was sitting on our bed dressed in a tiny chihuahua tuxedo. He was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen!


Before I even had time to take it all in, Ron was down on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring held out to me, and he was saying a lot of words that my brain wasn’t able to process at the time. I still have no idea what he said (he doesn’t really either), but I (obviously) said yes, and we lived happily ever after.


We quickly called friends and family and drank our delicious champagne while I took approximately 764 selfies and pictures of my finger. It truly was a magical night that Ron planned out to perfectly. From the beautiful room set-up (his family came over to set up while we were out!) to the champagne glasses engrave with our names and the date (which was the reason why we had to haul our booties home – we had to get back before midnight!), each detail was so well thought out. If Ron weren’t half-snoring next to me right now, I’d have to give him a big kiss just thinking about it. Of course that wasn’t the first (or last) of Ron’s crazy-amazing surprises. I’m sure you’ll get to read about them all here eventually.

Happy Engagement-aversary (as my sister-in-law, Jen called it), Ron! I’m listening to the Wicked soundtrack on repeat all week just to celebrate – enjoy!



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