Friday Faves

The Friday Faves – Cupid’s Edition

We’re here, we made it! FRIDAY! This week seemed to take so long, maybe because we had the excitement of Valentine’s Day at the beginning and then it was 3 long days before the glorious weekend. It was a really great week, even minus Valentine’s Day celebrations. Since Sunday night, I got to spend time with the entire (North Carolina) Bononno family, all separately. It allowed for some good quality time with my closest peoples. So without further adieu…

1.Valentine’s Day! We might as well just jump right in, amiright? I know Valentine’s Day is considered by some to be just a silly, “Hallmark” holiday, but I love it, and seeing my kids get excited by it all was so much fun. Ron and I used to go out to dinner in our pre-baby days (and somewhat post?) baby days, but we haven’t done that in a couple of years. This year we decided to make dinner together and enjoy our fancy meal after baby bedtime. Of course this backfired a bit because, hi, I’m Lindsay! The guy in the meat department cut our filet mignon incorrectly so our beef wellington didn’t cook right. Once we did sit down to eat, Riley decided to come join us and spit out our uncooked meat (JK it was just rare for my liking). It was still a fantastic day. There’s always something a little magical about a holiday or day off that makes you feel giddy.

2. My in-laws (let’s just call them Mimi and Peepop like my kids do for convenience’s sake) invited me and the kids over for dinner on Wednesday as they often do when my husband works late (thank you!!!). We ate and they watched Sawyer while I took Riley to dance. I caught the end of her class and saw the beginnings of the routine they’re learning for their recital. Riley and I are both SO excited because they’re dancing to a song from Moana that we listen to pretty much on repeat, How Far I’ll Go. When we got back to Mimi & Peepop’s house to pick up Sawyer, I asked her to show them her routine and she rocked it. Sawyer copied every move she did, and It cracks me up and squeezes my heart to see him want to be just like her. Hopefully I inserted the video correctly below!


3. The kids and I joined my sister-in-law, Jen, today for lunch at Chick Fil A (which Riley calls Chic-a-lay and I think it’s so cute) and the kids were so adorable. Riley has been asking to go for a couple of weeks and she said hello to everyone who came near our table. They both loved watching the cars drive through the drive-through (bahaha – I left that because it was such a Captain Obvious moment), and I know what all those articles about incorrect spellings at Starbucks are about now. Please see my name on my receipt below as proof.

4. Ron and I have gotten into drinking craft beer in the last few months. My waist line definitely doesn’t thank me, but it has been really fun to look for new and different beers with him. We love to buy the bigger bomber bottles and split them, or get a mix-and-match 6 pack to drink together on the weekends. We’ve also been going to breweries sometimes on the weekend, with or without the kids. It seems most of the breweries around here are very family-friendly, and the kids love going. I think the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now Riley loves going into breweries that “she can go into.” (Ron once ran into Heist Brewery here in Charlotte for a limited can release when there was no parking, and she may be scarred for life.) We use a beer app called Untapped to “check in” with the beers we drink. I guess it’s to keep track of what you liked, but we hardly ever drink the same thing twice!

All of these beers were great, but my favorite was definitely the Creme Brûlée!

5. My sister-in-law Jamie had us over for dinner last Sunday. She and her boyfriend, Jesse, made a delicious dinner complete with appetizers and homemade chocolate chip cookies. They kids were absolutely obsessed with their new kitten, Venus, and it was so cute to see them playing with her! I’m so happy Jamie and Jesse moved down to NC so we could spend more time with them!

6. I decided Valentine’s gifts needed their own number. My father-in-law always gets his girls a gift, and ever since I met Ron, he’s included me in this tradition. The kids and I went to the store on Monday night and came home to a balloon hanging on the front door. Of course I didn’t look closely enough at it to see it was addressed to me, and had to be told the next day, but I have loved my balloon all week! Ron and I don’t (usually) go crazy with Valentine’s gifts, but we usually get each other something (or things) small and then he gets something for Riley and I get something for Sawyer. This year, I bought Sawyer a Snuggie Tails shark blanket, and he got Riley a “hulk smash girl” Funko Pop as Riley calls her. Ron and Riley are both obsessed with Funko Pop’s and Ron plays this video game that Riley loves to mimic the HULK SMASH from. Ron also stole the show with the chocolate he got me. There are special chocolates given in a dark chocolate box. A box MADE of dark chocolate. Plus it’s from Kilwin’s. He could have given me one tiny chocolate heart from Kilwin’s and I would have been happy. He also got my new (Croc) slippers which he gave me a few weeks ago as my tried and true penguins were falling apart. We both gave each other Power Ranger Funko Pops (I got Kimberly, natch) and I also gave him a monthly subscription to Brewpublik (a beer delivery service – fun!) and a couple of Groupons for places we have wanted to try or looked fun to try. I love buying little gifts for him and the kids – it is such a warm happy feeling to make my family feel loved. Please note – Cookies from Valentine’s to follow next week!

I’m linking up with Smidge of This, Carolina Charm and Hello! Happiness this week!



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