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Sugar Cookies for all Year!

I mentioned in last week’s Friday Faves  that I would tell you about our sugar cookie baking over here. I bake approximately twice per year – Ron’s birthday cake and Christmas cookies with the family (unless you count my mom’s famous giant chocolate chip cookies a la Nestle Tollhouse). Riley loves making cookies and this past year I had the genius (or not so much so) idea of making cutout cookies that she could decorate in Christmas shapes. She specifically told me she wanted to make cookies in the shape of Santa’s head (what?!) which is what sparked this idea. We have a giant container of cookie cutouts for each holiday that I bought years ago at Shop Rite in NJ, and SOMEHOW it includes a Santa head cookie cutter shape. Go figure.

Please see cutout Christmas cookies on bottom (and adorable children top left)
ANYWAY…I used this recipe last Christmas for the cutout cookies, and the almond extra combined with the icing and sprinkles we used to decorate was such a perfect combination. When Riley asked if we could make Halloween cookies last month (Kid is obsessed with Halloween. She has already told me and her entire dance class that she plans to be a mean witch this year), I told her we could make some heart cookies for Valentine’s Day.


Would you believe she reminded me of this last Monday, aka the DAY BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY?! Luckily we had everything on hand and this recipe does NOT require chill time (procrastinating wanna-be Pinterest moms rejoice!). I was able to whip up the batter (literally with my hand mixer) and get it rolled out for her to cut shapes into within 20 minutes. We decorated a few for us (me, Riley and her dada!) to enjoy before bed and then decorated as we went for guests that stopped by for Valentine’s (and when Mama needed a sweet with her tea last week…).


So if you feel like being creative in the cookie area, but don’t feel like getting out that Kitchenaid (it’s so pretty, but SO HEAVY), try these out (ps. she does say she uses her stand mixer, but I just used my hand mixer and then kneaded a bit with my hands at the end). They really are super fast and foolproof! (Even if you have a tendency to roll them into oblivion. I got carried away.) Just make sure you have enough icing on hand…oops!



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