Friday Faves

Friday Faves

I love short work weeks, don’t you? It still feels like a Thursday and yet tomorrow is Saturday – so lovely!

  1. I took my “Mommy time out” on Monday and it was glorious. I didn’t do anything special, but the little bit of time driving around listening to my own music as loud as I want (without kids yelling at me from the backseat) and just meandering around Kohl’s BY MYSELF (I don’t think I emphasized that part of the trip enough) was exactly what my worn out Mama brain needed!
  2. Mommy Time Out (it deserves caps) was followed up my a lunch of Whole Foods burgers & sweet potato fries along with a yummy blonde ale out on our deck. We’ve done this the last two Sundays (last week’s beer was Hopcakes from NoDa Brewing Company – so good! and a sandwich from a food truck there), and it was so great. We love entertaining on our deck, but haven’t used it much on our own. I’m so excited that’s changing! Now if we could only get around to using the firepit…
    Last Monday

    Hopcakes ❤
  3. I got Ron a subscription to Brewpublik for Valentine’s Day. It’s a beer delivery service that brings 6 different beers based on the profile you fill out straight to your door each month…for $15! Not bad considering what all the other beer subscription services charge. Plus they’re local to NC, and I love all our breweries here so I know we’ll get some good stuff. Unfortunately they’re not in NJ due to alcohol delivery laws (said Ron), but NC friends – try it out! I’ll post a more detailed review of what we got in this month’s delivery next week!

    First 2 that we tried!
  4. I’ve gotten really into listening to Podcasts while I clean lately, and on a long drive earlier this week, it helped me kill the boredom on 485 (amiright?). My favorites are Shameless Mom Academy and Almost 30 – very different from each other, but both are entertaining and crazy informative. Shameless Mom Academy is hosted by a gym owner in Seattle who is also the mom to a 4-year old boy (I believe). I love Sara’s positive attitude and the guests she brings on are always inspiring and are chasing their passion, something that intrigues me to no end. Almost 30 is one I’ve recently stumbled upon by two women in their late-20’s who live in LA. They discuss a lot of LA-type things that I don’t necessarily know about (crystals, hormone testing, etc.), but love learning. Lindsey and Krista who run it are also very postive, but in a laid back way (although don’t doubt their girl-boss-ness, yes 2 hyphens there), and their interaction with each other makes me feel like I’m hanging out with girlfriends.
  5. Lastly, these kids are just so funny. They can make the most stressed-out, headache-ridden Mama crack a smile in a split second. I love the funny things they come up with, the way Riley breaks into a song I had no idea she knew, how Sawyer gives you kisses over and over again on your arm or leg or forehead. Riley getting herself dressed this morning (but putting her shirt on backwards), Sawyer running around in a cowboy hat, tshirt, undies and Jordan’s…they just crack me up! I love knowing they can always turn my end-of-the-day, give-me-all-the-wine mood into a better one. And their snuggles? OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    Forgot to mention Riley’s dance medal!
    Sawyer yelling “CHEEEEEEESE!!!”
    Snuggles with my masked babies

    I’m linking up with Smidge of This, Carolina Charm, and Hello! Happiness for 5 on Friday!



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