Friday Faves

Friday Faves

This week has seemed to be a day ahead the whole time so happy Friday again! (In my mind anyway) It’s been a weird week emotionally and physically, I guess. I had wisdom tooth pain for most of it which affected my head and ears. I’m finally beginning to feel better, but it was just an odd few days. Either way, my top 5 for the week!

  1. My sister-in-law, Jamie, asked me if she could try a new balayage technique last weekend, and OHEMGEE it is so amazing. She first sectioned my hair into little ponytails all around my head so I looked like a a middle schooler on Crazy Hair Day. She then foiled all around my head with the ponytails in. She cut the ponytails out (only joking once about accidentally cutting hair instead of a rubber band) and after rinsing it all out, painted some pieces higher up to blend it all together. She also covered the many (many many) grays that have taken up residence on my head, and I feel like I can finally leave my house without a hat again! Thank you, Jamie – I truly LOVE my new hair!
    Ps that pink room we’re in? It’s Jamie’s vanity room. For real.

  2. Β It rained crazy hard here on Wednesday night (and I think it hailed?!). There was a few minutes where Ron and I thought the power might go out and armed ourselves with Yankee candles and Riley’s toy flashlights (kid is obsessed) because we’re obviously prepared for such events. We tried to explain to Riley that blackouts are fun because of family time and things like charade or playing games, but she didn’t really understand what we were talking about. It didn’t end up happening (probably for the best – I’m sure our go-to method of passing time during Hurricane Irene, gin rummy and hot tea, wouldn’t fly with toddlers), but it was fun just to remember those days, at least #1-3 of Hurricane Irene. The few after that we could have done without.
  3. Sawyer pooped on the potty! In Bononno family fashion, we celebrated with a poop cake! This delicacy is also known as a pre-made cookie cake from Harris Teeter that Ron writes “Congrats, Pooper!” on. We were all very excited for poop cake (especially once Riley was reminded it didn’t actually contain poop) and for the step closer to #nomorediapers!
  4. Speaking of Harris Teeter, it is certainly my preferred grocery store in the area, but I usually try to shop at Aldi or Food Lion to save my cash money. Last week they offered their shop-from-home service for free with purchases over $100 and you best believe I was on board with that. I didn’t go to our usual store because the wait time was too long, but went to the next closest option. Unfortunately, there were a few snafus with the order between things being out of stock, having to go back to the store right after I pulled out to fix a credit card problem, and then getting a call when I got home that half of my groceries were never brought out. Luckily, they had a manger run them to my house and she even brought a little bouquet of happy yellow flowers and a $10 gift card to say they were sorry for the less-than-stellar service. I thought it was super cool that they took ownership and included little gestures of their thanks.
  5. I spent no less than 2 hours last night looking up Walt Disney World. We’re planning on taking the kids next year and are JUST starting to look into everything that goes into this adventure. Some things high on my wish list: meeting the princesses, Tinkerbell, and the original characters, walking around in Disney-themed apparel, Dole whips & other amazing Disney treats, and eating at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. The only times I’ve been to Disney World were with my cheerleading teams in 6th grade and sophomore-senior year of high school (have I mentioned we won 2nd place at Worlds? No?), and I am so excited to go back with my family (although I’ll miss the night they close down Hollywood Studios for just the cheerleaders)! I can’t even imagine Riley’s level of excitement (I already made the mistake of mentioning it to her. It’s going to be a long 13+ months), and who are we kidding? Mine too! If any of you are seasoned Disney goers please share your tips!
  6. Selfie Sawyer!

    I’m linking up today with Smidge of This, Carolina Charm & Hello! Happiness!



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