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Office Space

What would you do if you were a 25 year old hairstylist with a slight makeup addiction and a new condo complete with 2 bedrooms and a bonus office space? Despite the fact that I also have a makeup addiction, I’m willing to bet my “office” would have turned into a dumping ground before it looked anywhere near as good as this one.

My sister-in-law, Jamie, of balayage highlight fame, turned her condo’s office into the ultimate vanity room. With cotton candy pink walls, white furniture and double vanity mirrors, she has all the space and storage she needs for her tons of makeup and hair products along with the many, many curling irons she has. The 360 degrees of pink definitely makes it Riley’s favorite room in Jamie’s condo, especially since Riley and Sawyer were allowed to play hide-and-seek there. I’m sure one day it will serve as a place for Jamie to take clients if she wants to, but I was excited to be among the first people to receive her hair color magic in her new space.

Speaking of…I am so in love with my new ombre (not hombre!) hair. It is so light on the bottom, and not orange in the slightest – something I haven’t been able to achieve in my lifetime. Jamie also used a cool new Fiber product that lessened the damage to my hair, and despite the lightening of my ends (and lack of recent haircuts), I can’t feel any dryness in my hair. If anything, it feels much healthier. I spent way too much time this past Sunday attempting to curl my hair with the Hot Tools curling iron Ron gave me for Christmas, and it looks great for all of 5 minutes. Jamie’s next task is to teach me how to properly curl hair so this ombre doesn’t go to waste!


Top Left: Before, Bottom Left: During, Right: AFTER!

Spending a few hours in Jamie’s “office” made me thing about my future dream office…you know, when my kids no longer have 18 bins of toys taking up residence in an entire room of our house. Or when they move out. Whichever comes first. In this day and age, it might be neither. Either way, my dream office would be part Jamie’s hair and makeup mecca and part of the library from Beauty and the Beast. I would have a fancy chandelier above a big desk placed in the center of the room, right above a furry white rug (apparently in this fantasy, Spider Dog no longer chews such things either). Behind my desk would be a giant mirror with lights above it to make a makeshift vanity above storage for my makeup and hair tools (I have limited hair products since I don’t actually know how to use them). Lining the other walls would be tall bookshelves artistically styled like you see on Pinterest and home edit blogs with weird knick knacks I never think to pick up and color coded stacks of books (I think stacking books is the new thing now). Any uncovered wall space would showcase pictures of my kids and husband, of my beautiful friends and family, of places that I want to go and am proud to have been. I’m not sure what color the walls would be. I would love a deep aubergine purple (I painted a wall in an old bedroom this color, and I loved it) or some kind of unique gold or silver wall details (wall paper?). The room would have an armchair with a cozy blanket and a lamp by the windows to make an ideal reading spot, complete with a little table for my coffee/wine/snacks. It would be the perfect girly space to focus on work, doll myself up or snuggle into a good book.

Via Google Search

Honestly, this dream office space of mine might never happen (probably won’t), and if it does, I’m sure it will change a million times over before then. I think it’s important to have a space in your office that feels like yours. Ron set up my desk for me upstairs in the bonus room, even though we’ve dubbed it the man cave (of course it sill houses a bunch of kid’s toys so it seems Ron has a to wait a bit for his dream room, too!), and with my pictures of my babies and Lorelai Gilmore Funko, it’s definitely my favorite space to get some work done. I also love my bathtub with the giant bowl full of Lush bath bombs (another Ron gift…he’s pretty good at them!), candles and little wooden sign. When I’m not too tired (and afraid of falling asleep), a night time bath with candles lit and a good show on Netflix is the best place to be.

What does your dream space (or real one!) look like?


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