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Friday Faves

Friday, Friday, hell yeah, it’s Friday! I love Friday. I love having finishing work and knowing I don’t have to turn on my computer until Monday. I love knowing I can stay in bed as late as I want (which is usually still earlier than my liking thanks to a couple of little kiddos). I love love LOVE sitting on the couch with my book or an episode of something and slowly enjoying a cup of coffee in a regular mug not a travel mug. Why, you ask? Because during the week I put my coffee in a travel mug to stay warm as long as possible. I usually forgot to drink it while working so it lasts me until about lunch time. On the weekend I make extra coffee and refill that cup if it starts to get cold. All the thumps up emojis for that one!

  1. High fives for iPad and workout days again this week! Thanks to wisdom teeth pain and a general depressed feeling (which I think stemmed from the pain) last week, I chose to pull the covers over my head rather than getting my workouts in. It never ceases to amaze me how much better I feel throughout my day, both mentally and physically, when I workout, and yet how often I don’t want to (like everyday). I have felt so much better this week putting in good quality workouts each morning, and Riley is excited to get to watch her “plays” (youtube videos of kids playing with toys. I have no idea why this is entertaining to her) while I workout. As evidenced by a couple early mornings with Sawyer, this is the only way I can workout with kids around and keep my sanity (and my voice!) 
  2. We had a jam-packed weekend last week with a brewery date and dinner with friends on Saturday and then church, lunch with friends, a reading at Barnes and Noble by Officer Bononno, and a family party to celebrate my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s birthday. It was so much fun to be on the go and have lots of plans and be out of the house and a social human being (especially since I feel like a shut-in so often), and I loved every minute of it! It’s supposed to snow on Sunday (what?!) and we shouldn’t be as busy so it will also be nice to spend some time relaxing. 
  3. My husband and a few of his friends from high school have a group text where they post pictures of the craft beers they drink, and talk about them I guess. It sounds weird when spelled out that way, but we’ll take anyway to keep in touch with our friends back in NJ and Ron is really good at that (I’m not). The group still in NJ got together and sent Ron a box full of craft beer that arrived earlier this week. The shipment included some truly specialty beers, and I couldn’t believe the amount and quality that they sent. Unfortunately I dropped the ball and was at dance with Riley when it arrived or else you would have a video to watch of Ron opening it, but maybe Ron can include some of them if he ever writes his guest post about craft beer (ahem Ron). 
  4. Ron and I have been watching Planet Earth on BBC with the kids at night before bed. We snuggle into the covers and laugh at the silly animals and get sad when bees eat frog eggs and second guess the decision when jaguars attack alligator-like animals. Ron and I give voices to some of the animals and make up what they’re saying. My favorite was the bird who was almost stood up by his mate after 6 months apart. Penguins kept waddling past the male bird while he was waiting, and Ron used a nasally voice for the penguin to tease the bird about his long-lost beloved. I don’t know why I found it so funny, but thinking about it now I’m cracking up.

    Image from BBC’s Planet Earth II
  5. Saving the best for last here – my father-in-law painted our bonus room yesterday, and it is like a brand new space! When we moved into our house, the previous owner had painted the entire house this weird beige-y yellow color. It’s truly ugly and so much worse than the stock beige that would be the obvious choice for such a paint job. So far we’ve (I mean Peepop) have painted the kids’rooms and our open living room/dining room/kitchen area, and Ron was dying to paint he bonus room so he could decorate his “man cave” space. Somehow Ron let me pick the color with the stipulation to keep it in the gray family. I picked a green-ish gray color, thinking it was different and manly without straying from the neutral gray we love. Peepop also painted the sloped ceiling white (instead of the ugly yellow which it used to be) and it seriously brightens up the room. We’re so lucky to have Peepop who not only paints our whole house (eventually!), but also fixes/installs everything from refrigerators to toilets to kitchen sink faucets. He is our biggest asset in home ownership! Thank you Peepop, we love you so much!
    Don’t mind the crazy furniture – the walls were still wet!


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2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I love that wall color, it looks awesome! Your father-in-law sounds great!! 🙂 I hate painting and I’d be thrilled for someone else to do it!! Have a great weekend!

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