Family Bonding

Smoking (Cocktail) Gun

This past weekend we had a family party at my in-law’s house, otherwise known as Mimi and Peepop. As I displayed on my attitude of gratitude post Sunday, my father-in-law is known for his abundance of kitchen gadgets, and I always know he and Mimi will mix me up something delicious or open a bottle of red when I get there.

Doesn’t this drink look so delicious? I want one right now.

Last month, Ron and I went to The Cellar with Mimi and Peepop and enjoyed some amazing cocktails. My in-law’s both got smoked drinks and we knew exactly when the bartenders were working on their beverages because the scent of the woodchips filled the entire restaurant. In true Peepop fashion, my father-in-law had a handheld smoking gun en route to his house the next morning. All this to say, I was EXTRA excited to get to my in-laws yesterday and taste test some smoked cocktails.

The process seems more arduous than it is, but I’ll show step-by-step photos below. First things first – decide what you want to drink! This is always the hardest step for me because a. I still have trouble realizing what I like to drink (I’m getting there) and b. I always want something new and different. When Ron was a bartender and I asked for something “cool,” he would threaten to give me a Miller Lite. Anyway, my mother-in-law suggested a whiskey sour and that sounded great so away we went. She blended it for me because she is amazing and extremely thorough about mixed drinks. Then, Peepop used his smoking gun to smoke one of four different flavors of woodchips (he has apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite) and filled a big glass bottle with smoke.

Next he used a funnel to pour the already-mixed whiskey sour into the smokey bottle. In this particular drink he decided to swirl the liquid into the smoke which gave a less smokey taste. In subsequent drinks, he shook it and the smokiness was much more prevalent!

He then poured my drink into the correct glass (they have tons) and voila! Smoked cocktails abound!

He also smoked a sample of red wine for me using the cherry wood chips, which tasted amazing. I thought it especially had a great quality for a chilly night. He put it in this cute little mason jar shot class because #southern, and I would have finished it all except he made me ANOTHER drink to try. He has a signature drink that he and Mimi always have the ingredients for year round. It’s lemon-y and mint-y and bourbon-y (these are all words, yes?) and in the past, I was unable to drink it, but now that I am a bourbon drinker (woo!), I find it delicious. Add mesquite smokiness and it was the perfect daytime (or anytime) beverage. Sitting on the deck hanging with the family with this yummy drink in hand was such a perfect way to spend a late Sunday afternoon. Aren’t in-law’s the greatest?

Peepop’s drink recipe:

The juice from one lemon (about 2 ounces), 2 ounces of simple syrup, four drops of bitters, three mint leaves and 4 ounces of Makers Mark. Smoke optional (but delicious!)


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