Stephanie Klein, one of my favorite authors and OG bloggers I’ve followed since I knew what a blog was, posted a new Wednesday theme – #writingwednesday. She is going to post a writing prompt each week, and I thought it would be fun and interesting to join in. I figured I would follow last week’s prompt so if you head to her blog, you should see a new one today!


Select the title of an existing movie, and write for 5 minutes. If you’re sharing on social media or aloud with a group, don’t reveal the title of the movie until you’ve finished. Word associate, pretend, play. Go. Don’t spend too much time finding the perfect title. Just go with it.

Usually we look to these types of columns to do something better, not worse. You would think it would be pretty easy to accomplish, but as we see here, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes in learning to do something (or not to), you reveal more of yourself and what you want and need from life. While I ultimately didn’t have a problem in this category, I’ve never been 100% sure what I wanted to do career-wise in life (unlike our blonde heroine here), and seem to have stumbled into different jobs. I also need to find a legit hobby (says Ron!) and although I’ve tried many (this blog being one of them), none seem to stick (but perhaps ten times is the charm here at Hot Mess, Cool Day). All this to say sometimes you need to learn to do something (or how not to!) to figure out what it is your life really needs. If I never went to college, never joined a sorority (never dropped out of college, etc.), I never would have met Ron. I wouldn’t have this beautiful life I never could have dreamed for myself. I might not be a journalist, makeup artist, author (maybe I am?), but those things might have never fulfilled me the way being a mom does, the way I know our family is so happy. If I were a journalist or makeup artist (two big jobs I once wanted from life), I never would have wanted to move to NC where these types of jobs just aren’t as prevalent as near NYC. So although this prompt didn’t really have to do with the actually movie much, (and while I certainly didn’t need any help with this back when I was 21) luckily I don’t need to learn How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I’ve found my forever guy and with him, created our family in a beautiful place, even without a high-power career or any  crazy hobbies!


PS – It’s hard to make sense within 5 minutes. Hopefully next week will be better! Haha


2 thoughts on “#WritingWednesday

  1. I loved this! It’s a prompt, gets you writing about anything and surprises you, right? I love the journey you took us on, about finding our right life in all the supposed “losses.” Nicely done!

    1. I just fangirl-ed so hard! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I’ve admired your writing for so long (Straight Up and Dirty was my bible during a college breakup), and I’m excited to follow along with #WritingWednesday to grow as a writer myself.

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