Lost time


I’ve noticed a trend lately. I pick up my phone, check my email, look at whatever notification prompted me to pick up my phone in the first place, and then BAM! An hour later, I look up and realize I just wasted 60 minutes of my day to Instagram. An hour is probably on the extreme side, but there has been more than one night where I’ve spent 30+ minutes in a rabbit hole Facebook-stalking one of my friends’ ex-boyfriends.

I truly hate this habit, and yet, I feel like I can’t stop. Insta-stories has made it even worse. They go on FOREVER. Does anyone else feel this way or do I just follow way too many random accounts on there? I don’t want to waste my precious minutes anymore. That time can be much better spent, even if it’s just folding the mountains of laundry I never seem to get to. I can write blog posts or start writing a book or just journal and try to record all the amazing moments I have with my kids each day (or you know, the ones where Sawyer poops on the floor right next to the potty – I can write about those, too).

I can read books (I’m kind of surprised I’m only 10 in so far this year), scrapbook, graduate beyond the first stitch in knitting (I might need more help than YouTube has to offer here). I learn nothing from Instagram (except maybe what various blogger/celebrity/random people ate for breakfast that day) and Facebook rarely brings me to better articles than I find on my own. I keep reading articles that say to delete time-sucking apps from your phone. Well BOOM. App # 1 is down. Bye Instagram. Don’t expect me to delete SnapChat though – the filters (or Funny Faces as Sawyer and Riley call it) is pretty much the only guaranteed cure for a grumpy Sawyer!


2 thoughts on “Insta-Obsessed

    1. Haha it has totally become the norm more than the exception for me lately. I’ve already been much more productive this morning without the gram and I’m hoping I keep it up!

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