Friday Faves

Friday Faves

  1. It was snowing last Sunday when we woke up, and Riley came running into our room yelling excitedly about the snow. In the past when it snows (all of 2 or 3 times), we would bundle them all up (perhaps a bit too much) and head out to play immediately. This time I made them wait until after breakfast and I finished my coffee because I just needed some time to relax and wake up. Luckily Ron pointed out that the snow was already melting and we hustled out just in time for the kids to scoop up the last specks of cold and throw it at me. 
  2. After the snowstorm Sunday (haha), we headed to Mimi and Peepop’s house for pasta and meatballs. Peepop had a special dessert for the kids. He used Pillsbury Grands biscuits and homemade icing to create a kid-friendly version of Belgian waffles. The kids loved the waffles, especially licking the sprinkles off! Peepop also had a recipe for the “best copy-cat Shamrock Shake” (which I am unhealthily obsessed with) and whipped us all up a minty-vanilla milkshake.  
  3. Mimi came over for dinner on Tuesday night, and we had one of our favorite meals: Sriracha Teriyaki Meatballs with brown rice. Last minute I decided to make a pie (chocolate chip cookie pie woot!) because it was 3.14 – Pi Day! Unfortunately after finding a recipe where I had the proper ingredients, I failed to read the reviews prior to making the pie. Every single review said not to add the full amount of butter the recipe called for. It came out tasting like a baked stick of lard. My baked good craving wasn’t totally satisfied, but Sawyer didn’t seem to mind!  
  4. Apparently most of this Friday post will revolve around food! Ron made an amazing faux-pesto recipe earlier this week which will definitely become a staple in our house. I wasn’t home to see him cooking, but he said the recipe was super quick and easy. Also, I can confirm it re-heated well for lunch the next day! 
  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, people! My sister-in-law, Jamie, is hosting a baby sleepover tonight so we can hang out with some friends later, and I’m very excited (as is Riley!). Riley is so happy to wear her St. Patrick’s Day outfit (thanks to our favorite neighbors!) and Mama is hoping to finish work early enough to go get a Shamrock Shake. Unlikely, but there’s always tomorrow! 🙂 Be safe everyone!

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