Family Bonding

Weekend Recap

Last weekend contained a perfect amount of rest & play. Somehow our weekends are usually heavily swayed in one direction, but this time I felt like I had plenty of time to lay on the couch (which I needed on Saturday!) and spend time with family and friends AND cross an annoying To-Do off my list. Win-win-win, people. Add in that Ron and I got to hang out with friends Friday night without coming home to put kids to bed or wake up with them at 5am (THANK YOU JAMIE!), and it was pretty perfect.

We spent Friday night at a Friend’s house playing flip cup and beer pong and sitting around talking and dancing and laughing for hours. It was the best kind of fun. Give me a house party over a bar or club (especially on St. Patrick’s Day or another rookie holiday) every single time. Since I was the DD, I demanded a stop at McDonald’s for a Shamrock Shake on the way home (Sam and Mel, you’re welcome for this minty green introduction and thank you, Sam, for paying for it!), and I was one happy girl.

Super cool kissy faces

I went to pick up the kids from their Aunt Jamie’s house Saturday morning and picked up a super healthy breakfast of BoJangle’s Cheddar Bo biscuits and Dunkin’ Donuts. After laying on the couch with the kids and watching Frozen, I ran a couple errands and picked up lunch before we ALL took a 2 hour nap. Naps during the day with the sunlight behind the blinds are seriously glorious.

Matching on Sunday!

When we finally woke up, we headed to the Food Truck Rally at Rural Hill and met up with friends to eat food made on wheels. Libretto’s pizza was delicious (Ron made the realization that it tastes like Boardwalk pizza! Not the best NJ has to offer, but still familiar) and the BBQ Chicken Cheese Fries from Spoons BBQ I shared with my friend Steph hit the junk food spot. Both kids had an ice cream cone made out of a doughnut (it was green and not delicious, but they didn’t mind inhaling the mountain of ice cream and whipped cream on top) and Ron brought home a seriously delicious sandwich from Libretto’s.

Sunday morning found Riley and me at church with our friend Steph where we enjoyed a seriously amazing performance by Blues artist Mike Farris. It was so much fun to dance in my seat with a packed church of people before and after an impactful sermon by Pastor Mitch White about grief and how to imitate Jesus in the face of death of those we love and how to grieve with our loved ones when they lose someone. I could probably write a whole post about the subject, but I’ll let you watch this amazing snippet instead. 

​Later on, we spent the evening celebrating Jamie’s birthday! She and her boyfriend Jesse made appetizers and turkey meatball subs, and we played with their kitten, Venus, before singing to Jamie over candles stuck in Halo Top ice cream. We each got a pint of our favorite flavor which might just be the best party favor I’ve ever seen. After we got home, Ron and I relaxed watching Passengers in bed while trying to keep Petey Pete (aka Spider Dog) from chewing our comforter. The movie was a lot better than we thought it would be. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt so the rest was really just background, but the plot was different than I expected, and I was literally on the edge of my seat for a bit of the movie.

Oh, did you want to blow out your own candles, Aunt Jamie?

Sharing his ice cream with everyone

Now that you’ve had an in-depth look at my weekend and how perfectly chill it was, what did you do? Any crazy St. Patrick’s plans? Timehop reminded me of St. Patty’s Days past spent at the pub Ron used to work at. Those days consisted of afternoon drinking on the patio, green LIT’s and bagpipes. I miss them (those nights at the Pub as well as the green LITs) surrounded by friends and that exhilarating feeling of being with your people and just having fun. I feel like I got a bit of that back this past weekend (minus the LITs of course), and it just made life that much better.


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