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Potty Pooper

Let me preface this entire post by saying I KNOW I got a pass with Riley in this aspect. She was a breeze to potty-train, nearly completely diaper-free after the 3-day method one weekend in July when she was about 22 months old. (False – we looked it up after I wrote this and it took Riley a week to poop on the potty during which I had to hold her on it while she cried hysterically. #momoftheyear) I truly get that this is perhaps the exception, not the norm, and outwardly, I expected to have a much harder time with Sawyer – because of his nature, because he’s a boy, because Riley was maybe just a peeing prodigy. It’s become obvious to me that I didn’t REALLY think it would take much longer. I’m being super unfair to him, too, because it’s only bee about a month, but cleaning up a pair of Bubble Guppies underwear full of poop only five minutes after the puddle of pee can make any Mama a tad crazy.

Poor Sawyer has definitely gotten the short end of the stick in some instances, being the younger child and all. He’s been carted around to dance classes and soccer practices more than he would probably like. His naps have been switched around, interrupted, forced upon him due to schedule changes. He had less one-on-one time with his parents and less face time in general thanks to an overly talkative, attention-seeking older sister. It takes a lot of patience to do this potty-training thing, which maybe I didn’t really get before. With Riley, it was pretty simple. The accidents were few and far between. We even had her going out in public and sleeping without a diaper without too much lost time.

My mother-in-law reminded me earlier this week that the poor kid isn’t even two yet (for less than a month!). With his older sister always beating milestone dates and talking over him, it’s easy to forget just how young he is. Sometimes I look at him and can’t believe he is still technically only 1 year old, and I’m so proud every time I take off a clean Pull-up or hear him say “hey pee-pee!” and get him to the potty on time. He’s such a big boy, even while being my little baby, and as excited as I am to be done with diapers (eventually), it’s a little sad, too. No one will be sad to see that putrid diaper genie tossed, though. We might have to celebrate with another poop cake!

PS – I wrote this post on Tuesday night after multiple poop/pee clean-ups. On Wednesday, we celebrated NO ACCIDENTS!!! Sawyer even kept a clean diaper during his nap. I guess there are always good and days days (especially in the potty training world!). 


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