Friday Faves

Friday Faves

  1. I’m currently writing this while watching Good Girls Revolt, an Amazon show about magazine writers (male) and their research assistants (female) in the late 60’s/early 70’s. The girls form a group seeking a lawsuit against the magazine because they won’t allow women to work as writers and follows their personal lives as well. I love all the main characters, and it’s the perfect girly (but not too much so) to indulge in. *Sidenote* I just googled this show to find a picture to throw in here, and apparently Amazon cancelled it! It looks like another network MIGHT try to pick it up, but I guess don’t go getting hooked yet? Ay yi yi!                                                                                                            GGR
  2. Spring sprang with crazy 80 degree temps earlier this week, and the kids and I wore shorts to go shopping at BJ’s with Mimi. Sometimes our monthly BJ’s shopping trip is the highlight of the week and with this week of potty training and sickness, this shopping trip was no exception. Despite the face that I didn’t shave my legs (oops) and that somehow (who knows how?!) I barely fit into my summer clothes again (oops), it was so nice to be outside in shorts and a tank top!
  3. I know I wrote about it yesterday, but potty training sure is a bitch. That’s why I’ve decided to take my victories where I can – accident free yesterday and only one half-of-a-pee-pee incident this morning! Otherwise dry undies both days! As annoying as the beginning potty days are (cleaning up accidents, having to take them to the bathroom every 30 seconds, etc.), it makes me so proud to see my little man growing up!                                                                                                                                                                 img_2944-1
  4. Definitely not a fave, but my poor Riley girl was sick this week. She had a fever and headache on Wednesday with an overall whiny and listless attitude, very un-Riley-like. She laid around on the couch/her bed/my bed watching TV and eating very little. She perked up around 3:30 or so and ate some bread, a banana and some applesauce, and seemed fine. Then yesterday she was great until around 11:30am where she camped out on the couch again telling any person or dog who came near, “No I don’t feel that good right now” and fell asleep right before lunch. She later threw up twice and then rallied and was fine for dinner and a bubble bath. I’m kind of afraid of what the rest of today will hold! My kiddos have hardly been sick (mild fevers here and there and one barely-there ear infection when Riley was a baby) so even though I have 2 littles, I’m still a sick kid novice. 
  5. My new favorite picture! Last weekend (maybe the weekend before?) Ron made way too many curly fries for a cheeseburger dinner with Mimi and Peepop. I saved them for the kids to eat at lunch, but ended up throwing them in a pan which some grilled chicken I had leftover and creating our new favorite frittata (or is it fritatta? fritata? Spellcheck says they’re all wrong)! I whisked 10 eggs with some salt and pepper and poured it over the fries and chicken. After letting the eggs form a bit around the edges of the pan (just a couple minutes), I slid the pan into the oven for 20-25 minutes. SO DELICIOUS. My new go-to 2nd night dinner after any kind of fries – lucky because we usually have sweet potato fries with turkey burgers once a week! Unfortunately, Sawyer wasn’t impressed with tonight’s rendition that included ground turkey. 


Linking up with A Smidge of This, Carolina Charm & Hello! Happiness today! Happy Friday people!



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