#WritingWednesday…a week late

So thanks to my time off of blogging last week, I didn’t participate in #WritingWednesday with one of my author idols, Stephanie Klein, last week. The game here is to follow her prompt for a writing exercise each week. Below is LAST week’s prompt only 7 days late!

What would you write if you weren’t afraid?

For #WritingWednesday, that’s my big question. What would you write if you weren’t afraid… of what people would say, of getting it wrong, of sounding irrelevant, of being judged? What would you write if you weren’t afraid?

I would write stories that aren’t entirely mine to tell, only partially. I would write about my childhood, about growing up, about what made me me. I would get it all out on (virtual) paper to analyze it from above instead of within. I used to make a lot of excuses for myself and mistakes I made because of things that happened when I was younger, things that I felt happened TO ME. Some of it was things that were done to me or that at least affected me directly. But some of it was things I did to myself or to others, things that I wish I could change or go back and apologize for or give my thanks for. Because in addition to the things that happened, whether to me or not, there were so many helping hands along the way, people that changed the course of my life however big or small at the time, that I wish I could show them my gratitude for being a part of what got me here today, to a life I love and a family I’m so proud to be part of. I would write about it all – good or bad, if I wasn’t afraid to, if I wasn’t afraid to put it out there and not hit delete. One day I might, even if it is not in a public sense. I think it’s a good idea to write it down. To remember and never forget because they’re not always the same thing.

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