Friday Faves

Friday Faves

So let’s start this Friday Faves out by saying THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY! I’m always on the TGIF bandwagon (both the saying and the old school TV line up), but it’s for reals this week, people. I try not to ever post it online anywhere when Ron isn’t home (don’t want the crazies to know when I’m home alone with small people) so this is the first you’re hearing it from me, but Ron has been away since Sunday and was away Sunday-Friday last week as well. He was about 3 hours away at a training for work, and I am so so SO can’t-even-tell-you-how-much excited he will be home in less than an hour. So besides all of that, let me tell you the highlights of a week without Ron (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?)

  1. Last Sunday the kids and I went on a walk with Aunt Jamie (as I wrote all about here), but it was the best way to kick the Ron-is-away blues before they really settled in. I know I literally just wrote about it 4 days ago, but getting outside really IS the best way for me to cheer up or get out of a funk. It also really helps to have other people cook you meals πŸ™‚ 
  2. The kids and I joined Aunt Jen, Mimi and Peepop for dinner on Tuesday. They made a version of eggplant that I love – sliced thin and roasted in the oven with a little marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese melted on top – like little eggplant pizzas! Peepop had a special surprise dessert for the kids after dinner – bowls of ice cream (delish), but the bowls were made out of actual chocolate! He melted chocoloate chips and dipped a blown-up balloon in the chocolate (and then sprinkles) before freezing the whole balloon for a while. Once the chocolate was hardened, he popped the balloon and peeled the chocolate off. Voila! 
  3. Does anyone else actually really enjoy a rainy day? I love it so much, probably because we don’t get too many of them here in NC (or I would be so over it), and I’m sure it helps that I don’t actually have to leave my house and drive in it or worry about bad hair days or umbrellas, yadda yadda. Either way, I really love the way rain sounds and even thunder. I love the smell outside after it rains and the way the sunshine feels 10x brighter after a storm. The rain we had this week was a little more than just a shower (more like a tornado warning), but it cleared up before Riley’s dance class and she had a great time jumping in “muddy puddles” (thanks a lot, Peppa Pig) in the parking lot. 
  4. So every time Ron goes away, I write him a note and hide it in his bag. I don’t go away without him nearly as much (considering work trainings, bachelor parties, etc.) so I don’t get these lovey-dovey notes, although I always look for them after he leaves. Since we left the house immediately after he did last Sunday, I didn’t even go back near my bed until about 9pm Sunday night when Ron called to say good night. I was a bit of a jerk and asked him why I never get a note, and he kind of laughed and told me I never went to bed early enough (um, it’s 9:00 – not really that late). Anyway, I went to lay down and found not only a note, but a gift and a t-shirt he had worn for a few hours – my all-time favorite thing to sleep in! I immediately burst into tears and texted him how much I loved it (and him obv) and that I was such a jerk. Which he already knew. My gift was a kindle cover for my new kindle! It is surprising that something so little can bring you so much joy, but it really does. Everytime I look at my kindle now I get so happy (instead of being scared of breaking it). It’s inspired by Harry Potter and made to look like a magic book. It even has a little scribble inside that says “Ron wuz here” (Weasley, not Bononno, but still it makes me love it even more!). Edit: he also made me baked ziti pizza (my absolute fave!) for dinner. Swoon!
  5. It was 3 of my favorite people’s birthdays this week! Alyson, Jill and Melissa – I wish I were with you to celebrate (although it would be hard to be in NJ, KS and VA all within one week) but I hope you know I love you all and celebrated with cookies and ice cream from afar! Our friends Alyson and Bee will be here this weekend and I can’t wait to spend some time with them! 


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