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I turned 29 last Saturday. Man, where has the time gone? I was just 23, was I not? We just got married, just had a baby, just had another. Blink and you’re 29 with a 3 and 2 year old and feel a bit like life gave you whiplash.


The older I get the more I appreciate the little things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a celebration. I told Ron about 84 times that it was my champagne birthday, although apparently it’s a golden birthday (I turned 29 on the 29th). He served champagne with my delicious cake, but at least he didn’t have to buy me gold! (Oops!) I also love presents and cake and pasta, which Ron makes for me approximately once a year on my birthday (only because I’m a better pasta maker than he is!). I love being able to tell everyone it’s my birthday and not doing dishes and just relaxing with a drink and family.

Gone are my week-long celebrations and fancy Hibachi dinners. Gone are my long nights at Dave & Buster’s (although there is one in Concord, not far from here – the tradition may live again one day!). But every birthday is sweet when husbands cater to you all day (bringing you coffee in bed, chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and Italian subs for lunch), children paint you cards and give you extra kisses, and fathers-in-law bake multi-layer cakes complete with homemade marshmallow whipped cream!

Picture by Ron
Each year Ron’s favorite holiday falls right around my birthday…NFL Draft Day. I spent just about 22 blissful years without any knowledge of this day, but it is now a mainstay on our calendar. Fingers crossed it never falls ON my actual birthday though because we might have problems. This year we had some friends over and ate buffalo chicken dip and watched in puzzlement while odd choices were drafted. I decided D’Onta Foreman, Houston Texans,  is my new favorite rookie after hearing the story of how he lost his premature son during his breakout season as a college junior. The runner up was this guy:

takkarist mckinley
via Google search
Takkarist McKinley, Atlanta Falcons, brought up a picture of his late grandmother who was responsible for raising him. He promised her he would make it to the NFL, and he did!

On Friday, we headed to Unknown Brewing Co. in Charlotte with some friends for the Rye Felicia release party. I fought Ron on watching Friday for so long, but it’s the funniest movie, and we loved the theme. They had a DJ playing 90’s classics (a bit to loud for us old 29-year olds) which I loved, especially once Riley and Sawyer busted out their dance moves. We followed that up with an unexpected break in the diet with dinner at East Coast Wings. So delicious, even if my scale is still paying for it.

Picture by Ron again
Saturday morning brought that aforementioned coffee in bed, chocolate chip muffins and Italian sandwich. Ron gifted me an amazing purse so I no longer have to carry my diaper bag around. It’s been a good 3.5 years with that baby!

He did good 👍🏼
I cleaned the house a bit, even though Ron kept telling me not to (Somehow this made me less annoyed about it, and I was happy when it was done and off my shoulders! I’m a weirdo.) I took a long shower and did my hair and makeup all by myself in my bathroom without a 2-year old banging on the shower door or a 3-year old attempting to steal and apply my mascara. Mimi and Peepop and Aunt Jen showed up first, and we opened presents before dinner. Jen got me some Lularoe clothing (obviously! The leggings have makeup on them – so adorable!) and Mimi and Peepop got me books (especially another Stacey Ballis novel which I asked for) and a couple of cute skirts and a cold-shoulder shirt which I’ve wanted since the trend began a few months ago!


After that we sat down to dinner – chicken alfredo stuffed shells by Ron and a strawberry salad with praline walnuts by Jent

People have to pose for these pictures when it’s your birthday. Unless they’re 2.
Both were so delicious. Jen had to go to work and Jamie and Jesse arrived shortly after and gifted me some new makeup from It Cosmetics, my new favorite line. Before everyone left we had champagne along with Peepop’s amazing S’mores cake! It had layers of chocolate cake with graham crackers sprinkled on the outside. In between the cake portions were full layers of mini marshmallows along with a marshmallow ice cream HE MADE FROM SCRATCH. The cake was so good (and even better the next day!).

DSC_0074 (1)

But my favorite part of the weekend didn’t happen until about 12pm the next day after we dropped the kids off at Mimi and Peepop’s. We spent a good 2.5 hours with some of my favorite people: Dom, Letty, Roman, Tej and Hobbs. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, we probably can’t be friends anymore. Also, you should go watch all 8 of the Fast and Furious movies. Even though Brian and Mia retired (tear), I thought The Fate of the Furious was really good. Yes, I know the stunts are ridiculous. No, I don’t care. I don’t watch a Fast and Furious movie to see realistic car scenes. I hope they never stop making movies where cars jump through multiple buildings in Abu Dhabi, pull planes down from the sky or beat tanks. Fun fact? If Riley was a boy there was a decent chance she could have been named Dominic Toretto.


And to send you off, just some more of my favorite birthday pictures:


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