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Friday Five – Things I want to do before 30!

Happy Friday, you guys! (I almost typed y’all, but gotta stick to my NJ roots here.) I hope you had a great week! I’ve enjoyed the return to blogging that May has brought as well as the super sleep I’ve been getting thanks to following the Tone It Up Bikini Series  workouts. I don’t have their nutrition program, but I follow their free workouts and fitness guidelines. Recently they had a booty workout paired with an Instagram live workout…between the two I could barely go up and down the stairs this week! This weekend we have a jam-packed Saturday complete with Riley’s first soccer practice, a day at the horse farm and nearby park before a baseball game (I miss baseball – we used to go to at least one Yankees games every year and Ron and I went to watch a minor team at our college a few times, too) in Charlotte. I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight with a good beer and hopefully Harry Potter # 4! (More on this soon – Ron is watching ALL the movies in a row for the first time. Chel, how proud are you?)

Jill and Riley at her first Yankee’s game!
  1. Take the kiddos to Disney World – Considering we just booked the hotel for April next year (Thank you Mimi and Peepop!), this one should be considered a go! It obviously had to top the list at #1 because I am too darn excited to see my princess-loving girl surrounded by all things Disney. I’m also pretty excited to go to Universal. I’ve been to Disney a bunch of times thanks to cheerleading (seriously, could they pick a better place to host competitions? Probably not.), but never to Universal. Harry Potter World, I’m coming for you!

    Ry Soy mickey minnie
    Halloween 2015
  2. Take control of my finances and stick to a budget – I am so awful at this and I ALWAYS have been. I think this month has already been a turn around in this aspect. The biggest thing helping me right now is mentally putting the $5 I want to spend at Starbucks towards our Disney vacation. Picturing Riley and Sawyer getting a Mickey mouse ice cream makes my caffeine needs nonexistent (or just home bound because let’s be honest, I still need my coffee).
  3. Keep in touch with friends and family – Again, awful at this. I have the tendency to get tunnel vision (also, self-absorbed perhaps but tunnel vision sounds a lot better). It is so easy and I fall so hard into focusing on the here and now in front of me, which sounds a lot better than it is. This affects my mental state crazy amounts as well. Instead of reaching out to friends or calling my aunt for 5 minutes, I obsess about the 3 loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away or the meal prepping that didn’t happen before Monday. Facebook also makes it seem like you’re in touch with people thanks to “likes” and comments, but in actuality, I haven’t connected with anyone by liking their photo.

    aunts and cousins
    Two beautiful aunts and 5/7 of the girls on my dad’s side of the family! Love these women so much!
  4. Go back to school – I have a great job, and I’m not looking to leave it anytime soon, but something about not having my degree makes me feel unfulfilled. I’ve started and stopped school too many times, and a lot of it has to do with uncertainty with where to go in life. I wanted to be a writer, then a teacher, than a “I have no effing idea, but just start college.” After Riley was born, I felt pulled to become a nurse and maybe that’s still in the cards for me one day, but right now the schooling is too intense with two little ones, a household, and a job. One of those things would have to give (and I’m pretty attached to my family, home and money to buy things like food and health insurance), so it’s not my time for that. I’ve recently looked into just finishing an associate’s degree online. Taking it slowly will keep the stress off while giving me some time to think about where to take that degree toward a 4-year online program. (Online schooling is so great. It requires a good amount of self-motivation and organization, two things I am always working on, but getting an education without having to leave the house is incredible.)

    ron grad

  5. Grow this little ol’ blog here – I really love to write. My biggest, scariest goal is to write a novel one day. Just thinking about it is super overwhelming, but to get there I need to practice. I’d love to take this blog from an inconsistent hobby to a mini-business because I truly just feel better when I’m writing. There’s something about the fear and rush I get when hitting publish that makes me feel like I’m growing as a person as well. (PS – this fear idea has come up a lot lately in my head and conversations. Possibly something to delve into?)

    ron blet
    My biggest supporter in all things blog…and us at Ron’s BLET (police academy) graduation!

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