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A Hot Mess Mom Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is this Sunday (woo!), and I have always loved reading other people’s gift guides. This year we are going to brunch with the whole family, and I can’t wait. I’m really starting to enjoy experience gifts over material ones (although I am always happy to receive these as well!), so the family time, memories and pictures really mean a lot to me. We celebrated my sister-in-law, Jen’s graduation from college yesterday and it was just such a nice day with the family (minus our hard-working Ron and Jesse!). Below are a few gifts I would feel honored to give or receive. As a mom of two crazy littles, I think the thing I would want to celebrate the most is how hard a mom works and how much she deserves a day to relax and feel appreciated. Hope this helps someone!

  1. Bath caddy with bath bombs (preferably from LUSH if you are close or willing to pay the shipping – I’m not, but luckily there’s one not too far away, haha!) – This is still one of my fave gifts I received last year from my sister-in-law, Jamie, and my husband never fails to keep my bath bomb bowl full. It is such a treat to relax in a bath with a book or Netflix queued up on my iPad while a bath bomb fizzes away. There are a lot of great options at LUSH for bubble bars as well if your mama prefers a bubble bath (or your kids…they tend to use mine up!).
  2. Coffee tumbler and special bag of beans/box of tea – we all need something to keep us going throughout the day, whether we prefer coffee or tea! Ron included this coffee mug in my Easter basket, and I love it so much! The white and mint are just so pretty and it keeps my coffee hot all day – even when I forget to drink it while cleaning up multiple pee-pee accidents (side-eye to you Sawyer!). I stumbled upon this green tea at Food Lion recently, and I really love it. The added hint of chili gives it a little kick and keeps it from being boring, and the turmeric is really great for you! Just Google it to read all the amazing benefits for yourself!
  3. Something to make her days easier – whether it’s an appliance or a service, something to speed up her daily processes would be a great gift! I was just thinking this morning how much use I’ve gotten out of this little single serve blender we received as a bridal shower gift. I make my protein shake after my workout every morning before rinsing it and making the kids a healthy smoothie to start the day. At only $15, this little guy fits into anyone’s budget, but you could also gift it with your favorite healthy powder or ingredients. My favorite recipe right now has a cup of almond milk, half a frozen banana, one serving of vanilla protein powder, 2 TBS of PBFit, and 1 TBS of chia seeds. I blend it to mix everything and break down the banana before adding in 8 ice cubes (the perfect amount – I’ve tested) and it comes out like a delicious milkshake! I look forward to it every morning. I keep reading about this collagen that people are adding to shakes and coffee and it would be great for a mom looking to get in some added health benefits (including anti-aging for skin!)
  4. Comfy pajamas and slippers – I just pulled a few of Amazon that looked cute (and relatively cheap), but you can easily to go Kohl’s and score some great deals. They are the go-to store for coupons (not to mention free money in the way of Kohl’s cash!). Here are some Prime examples if you don’t have time to shop and need it quick: capris, shorts, buttoned-up, tank! Slippers are more of the same – you can easily find them in most stores (Kohl’s included!), but Ron gave me these Crocs slippers for Valentine’s Day and they are cozy, comfortable and perfect for chasing Peter outside when he won’t come in. I gifted these UGG slippers to my mother-in-law a few years ago, and it’s a good thing we’re not the same size. When I saw the dreamy purple color, I almost kept them for myself!
  5. Lastly, time spent together is truly the best gift! Whether a home-cooked meal (without clean-up duty!), massages or a group horseback ride (both gifts from my sister-in-law Jen last year!), or something like a paint-and-wine night (I love these!) or a food tour (I took Jen and my mother-in-law, Donna, on one for their birthdays last winter, and it was so much fun!), nothing beats quality time with your family and loves ones.


I hope you guys all have a great weekend celebrating with your families! And if your mom isn’t here, I hope you take a few minutes to remember her and all the amazing things she undoubtedly did for your family! I might need to make Chicken Kiev with a chocolate cookie chase in memory of my mom this Sunday as well! (Or Ron will, wink wink!)

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links! It won’t cost you any extra, but Hot Mess, Cool Day will make a percentage of sales thanks to this fine marketing I’ve written! Haha!


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