#Writing Wednesday

In this week’s installment of #WritingWednesday, I’m heading back a few weeks to a prompt I missed. In case you haven’t read one of these before, Stephanie Klein, amazing blogger and author, posts a writing prompt each week for her readers to join in on. This week’s seems fun! To spell it out a little clearly, here is her explanation:

Use the 9th sentence of pg.9 of any book to begin your 9 lines of writing #WritingWednesday… Find the 9th book on your bookshelf (or inside ibooks, or on your Kindle). Open it to page 9 (or if the book begins on page 14, just count up 9 pages to pg. 23, for example). Read the 9th sentence on the page. Begin a poem or short post that begins with that sentence and limit the length to 9 lines.

My 9th book on my bookshelf had about 4 sentences to a page. The author must really like run-on sentences. So I chose The Great Gatsby because I knew there was a good chance I would find a great sentence to use, and I loved it in high school. Here goes…

GG 2

It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again. He hung on her every word, every sentence a stanza just for him, or at least for one of the hims surrounding the bar. She held court from behind a dirty martini, extra olives, but these she doled out to the friend, her lady-in-waiting with the matching drink, her olives gone. He puzzled on how to stand out in this crowd, a sea of men in their Friday night’s finest, each of them drinking her in, when a gush of January air ran down his neck. Turning slowly, forgetting the song she breathed as quickly as it pulled him in, another siren stole the music. The green glow of neon in the storm outside cast this new entity in shadow and beckoned to him.



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