Friday Faves

Friday Faves – the Mimi edition!

Happy Friday, people! This weekend should be a good one with a friend’s birthday party tomorrow and a day of family celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday! I know I literally just said it earlier this week, but I really love spending the day with my in-law’s. I honestly love spending the day with Ron and the kiddos being lazy at home, too. I think my all-time favorite is cuddling together on the couch and watching a movie. The kids love popcorn and to “sneak” little sips of my soda. They both those blankets made to look like a mermaid or shark tail, and they look so cute all wrapped up! I might need to make a movie night happen later on while Dada is at work (sorry Dada!).

Yes, Riley is cuddling her slipper to her face.

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought I would dedicate this post to everyone’s favorite mom, MIMI! I wrote a whole post about the kids and then said, scratch this – it’s time to talk about our favorite grandma. I could have written a million more things about Mimi here, but here are the first 5 that came to mind:

halloween 2015
Halloween 2015
  1. Mimi spent the whole night and entire day of Riley’s birth in my hospital room with me. She helped me pee before the epidural, held my hand when I was crying, and made sure to stick by me during nurse changes or doctor questions. She was 100% my advocate when the pain meds started to make me loopy and my blood pressure was dropping. Even though she couldn’t be in the OR room while the C-section was happening, she asked about me immediately, even while getting to see her first granddaughter.

    mimi and riley 2
    Mimi and Riley
  2. She has always treated me like one of her own and it’s never felt like she even has to try – it’s just fact. She became one of my closest friends pretty quickly after we met, and is still one of the first people I turn to with a problem, and especially to vent! She is one of the smartest ladies I know, and always listens without judging, while giving advice without sounding preachy. I feel so lucky to have her as a sounding board and self-help book! She’s also hilarious and a day with her will have your abs hurting from laughing every time.

    mimi and linds
    Pre-wedding prep
  3. She taught me how to shop. Mimi is the queen of the bargain, and she has passed on to my her thrifty ways. She used to go shopping with her friend Maureen every Saturday before moving to NC, and I loved to go shopping with them sometimes. Mimi always manages to find a coupon (and shares!) and save a ton of money. At least once a month the kids and I go to BJ’s with Mimi and spend an hour or two wandering around the store, sampling and buying oversize boxes of yogurt and it’s seriously a highlight of the month for each of us. Everytime I save an insane amount at Kohl’s, I say a little thank you to her for her wisdom!

    frog legs
    Just casually eating frog legs
  4. You do not know gratitude until you have a baby while your police officer husband is on night shift. When Sawyer was born, Ron was on nights which was great to have someone to talk during late feedings while he was home, but he left before 6pm each night meaning dinner and bath and bedtime were all solo endeavors. I’m pretty sure Riley, Sawyer and I ate dinner at Mimi and Peepop’s house more than we did at home that first month. And we can’t forget that we lived with them until Riley was 1! Newborn days and all, we were well taken care of by both Mimi and Peepop. I still do a little happy dance when Mimi calls and asks me if she can take a kid or two for a playdate in the afternoon or to the circus coming up, etc.

    Mothersday 2015
    Mother’s Day 2015 – pretty sure Ron had to work, and I spent the day with Mimi & Peepop!
  5. Many mornings she calls me on her way to work, and it seriously brightens up the AM hours. Ron leaves for work right around when one or both of the kids are waking up so from the get-go it’s “Mommy, mommy, mommy.” It’s so nice to take a breather and feel like a grown-up with a real conversation to take the morning from already-stressful to almost-peaceful (be real, I have a 3 and a 2 year old – actual peace doesn’t exist here!). It’s my version of water cooler chat, and I love that she thinks to call me during that time. She has even stopped by our house on mornings when she leaves extra early or when Peepop (sweet wonderful man that he is!) has baked banana bread!

    2 kids
    Color coordination when Sawyer was born

My only regret when it comes to our Mimi is that my mom didn’t get to know her better. My mom was already living in Florida when Ron and I started dating, so the only time Mimi and my mom met was at our engagement party a year before we got married. My mom would have loved Mimi, and I know she is as grateful up in Heaven as I am down here that my kids get to have her in their lives. Mimi is grandma enough to make up for the one they didn’t get to meet, and we’re all so lucky to call her ours! Thank you for being the best grandma ever – we love you, Meems!

mimi and kids
We love you!

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