Back to school, back to school... · Riley Juliet

Home Work Sheet

Riley starts pre-school in a couple weeks (TWO! TWO WEEKS!), and I have been the epitome of chill in relation to this fact. That all changed this week when I realized just how soon her first day will be. I have been SO excited for my girl to start school, mostly because I know she is going to have the most incredible time. She is such a personable, friendly little kid and literally tries to talk to everyone she meets. She makes me so proud and want to cry at the same time when she says to someone new, “Hi, I’m Riley, what’s your name?” just like my mom taught me to do before I went off to school (Lyndsey, do you remember this conversation on the school bus that morning?!).


Her favorite question each morning is, “Mom, are we going anywhere today?” Sadly as a work-at-home-mom, oftentimes the answer is no. My girl LOVES to get out of the house (which I should probably make more of an effort doing myself), and I am so excited for her to have her own adventures in pre-school. At the same time, it makes me incredibly sad to think I won’t be by her side all day while she has all this fun. It was kind of an “Aha” moment when I explained to her recently that Mommy, Daddy and Sawyer wouldn’t be at school with her next month. Each time we’ve been there (tour of the school and picking up her friend), I’ve been with her, and it seemed a bit of a realization for her that she would be dropped off in the morning, and I would leave. I’m so accustomed to her bringing me toys, showing me her dress up costumes (most recently both kids are into a Captain Underpants phase…we’re not sure where they saw this, but said it was an “ad” aka commercial – they basically strip to undies and don one of Sawyer’s masks and capes while proclaiming they are “Captain Underpants!”) I’m the first one to see her drawings, watch a video she likes, get her a snack. I know when she goes to the bathroom, when she finishes her water cup, if she’s nice to her brother. I overhear their cute conversations while playing house or “wedding girl” or with dolls. It hit me kind of hard earlier this week that while Riley will have a ton of fun, she’ll be doing it without me in the passenger seat all day.

Putting Sawyer to sleep

I am definitely looking forward to hearing all about her experiences each day, and I anticipate the drive home from school being non-stop-talk from our girl (who is non-stop on a normal day, let alone when something momentous like school happens!). My biggest hope for her as she begins her school career is that she is always kind and friendly, which come so naturally to her at this young age. I hope she goes out of her way to be inclusive versus exclusive, that she tries to make others comfortable, and that she is true to herself without trying to be like the others. If her current personality is an indicator, it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched dream for her.


We not only went shopping for new school clothes recently (which will need to be a post in itself), but I let her try her hand at some pre-pre-school work (haha!). reached out and sent me a worksheet to have some fun with words and asked me to share with you all, too. I chose a Wordsearch puzzle because they were always my favorite growing up (I once put them on my Christmas list…nerd alert!). It has a back-to-school theme to celebrate my girl’s first day, and includes an answer key so mama brains don’t have to work any harder than they already do!


Get ready to go back to school and learn some new words with’s brain building word search. Find more preposition practice hereI’ll definitely be utilizing some of’s other resources in the future, especially while Riley (and Sawyer!) think this kind of “homework” is fun!

Prepositions_word search_school

Prepositions_word search_school_answers


Ron & I might have taken it a bit more seriously than Riley & Sawyer 😉

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