Friday Faves

Friday Faves – Life Lately edition

Happy Friday, y’all! I might need to spend some more time in NJ or at least watching the Sopranos because my first instinct there was to write y’all instead of you guys. These are scary times indeed.

walking bruce
Walking Bruce…our chubby pup needs the exercise!

We made it to another Friday! My weekend will consist of zumba (yay dancing!), grocery shopping and a sleepover with the kids and my mother-in-law. I anticipate a movie and popcorn in my future!

  1. Whitney Simmons – My new favorite youtube workouts! I work out at home so I stick to the exercises/videos involving dumb bells only, but her workouts are great. They’re challenging and straight forward while leaving me super sore the next couple of days. I also like watching/listening to her “fit tips with Whit” including meal prep, days in the life, and her favorites each month which range from makeup to athletic wear. I don’t see myself becoming a body builder any time soon, but I like lifting and her videos are positive and uplifting and keep my googling “Biceps dumbbell exercise” to a minimum.
  2. Aldi – I know this comes as no surprise to a lot of people, but by doing as much of my grocery shopping at Aldi as possible the last few weeks I have seriously decreased my normal grocery bill. I’ve been making it a trip with the kids (they have the carts with two seats in the front which is a reason in itself to shop here) and I haven’t had to get much else at other stores (except our beloved Halo Top – thanks, Jamie!). Here’s to hoping I keep this up for more grocery bill cutting!
  3. This chili recipe is my new favorite. I always add a package (20 oz) of ground turkey as well as kidney beans and it is amazing! Best turkey chili I’ve ever had and definitely the best chili I’ve ever attempted to make myself. Last time I made it in a huge pot and doubled the recipe. I froze half and defrosted it this week. Both servings made enough to feed my family 4.5 times! (One night Ron and I were the only ones eating chili – the kids had pasta at my in-law’s house!) Ron loves it and it’s even better after it’s been frozen and re-heated, which has to do with the flavors melding together in there I’m sure (same thing my Aunt Jeri says about her lasagna recipe!) We usually eat it with multi-grain tostitos, with a burrito bowl, or on its own! chili
  4. Beer deliveries! Just two days ago we received deliveries from two different friend of new-to-us and special release beers. One of them is a beer brewed with Chick-fil-a chicken (?) so tonight I’m taking the kids to get Chick-fil-a for dinner (or chick-a-lay as Riley calls it) and they’re super excited. Ron will get to enjoy his alongside the beer tonight while we have our weekly Friday beer nights. Last year they were wine nights, but 2017 is the year of beer it seems!
  5. Game of Thrones – I’m so sad this season is ending this weekend, but so excited to watch the finale! We’ve had a couple episodes that we’ve watched along with a homemade charcuterie board and a beer and it made the Sunday night viewing a little more fun. My surprise favorite part of the board? Dried mango. So good! I’ve also really liked reading all the theories and such about Game of Thrones this season, which isn’t something I normally get into. I’m definitely going to miss the craziness in the off-season!

Just a couple of random pictures from the last week or so…

Riley haircut
Riley’s new haircut for school by Aunt Jamie!
eclipse viewing
Eclipse viewing…AKA watching TV in Mom and Dad’s room with the shades drawn and doors closed #psychomom
saweyer sleeping
A rare sighting of Sawyer sleeping in a bed…too sweet not to photograph

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