Think Happy Thoughts...

Best Day EVER!

Clearly the title of this post gives me ALL the Rapunzel feels.


Immediately I began to think of what my best ACTUAL day would be and started piecing together pieces from past days we’ve enjoyed (waking up late and laying in bed with the kids eating waffle sandwiches and watching TV…heading to Bottled and Tapped for a beer and letting the kids run around in the grass like we did on Ron’s birthday…stopping for lunch somewhere delicious with some extra coffee like last Sunday at Salud Cerveceria, etc.), but then I realized…if this is the Best. Day. EVER! then I can have a little fun with it and really imagine ANYTHING, right? So here goes…

Sleeping in and breakfast in bed

If I had my dream day, it would still involve a late wake-up and breakfast in bed, but I would like it to be served to me instead of the other way around. I’ll take a venti Starbucks double shot on ice with pumpkin syrup and cream, please. I’d also like a taylor-ham-egg-and-cheese-on-an-everything-bagel-with-salt-pepper-ketchup and a warm almond or chocolate croissant. Not specific in the slightest. While I (and Ron of course) eat, the kids will be perfect angels eating their own version of breakfast-in-bed while not crying, whining, pushing each other or whining about who is sitting next to which parent. Ron would want to watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls with me because #dreamday.



Obviously the house would be immaculate and stay that way ALL DAY without my lifting a finger. Self-cleaning houses are the ultimate dream, aren’t they? I think part of my daily stress/anxiety comes from working at home and knowing that the laundry still isn’t folded from 2 days ago and the kids’ playroom looks like a tornado hit it and the sink still has dirty dishes in it from breakfast…I could go on and on, people. For a perfect day mindset, I’d love to have a clean house…that I don’t have to physically clean myself. Maybe my personal assistant/chef from breakfast is also a maid?


Morning Activities

It’s funny to say this because generally I am much more of a stay-inside-in-air-conditioning type person, but I would love to bring my family to a pool/beach/boat/backyard-if-all-else-fails to enjoy the sunshine and expend some energy. If my all-in-one Gal Friday could also play with the kids for a bit while I get to read a book and Ron can look at Fantasy Football stats, all the better. If not, there is little more enjoyable while outside then watching your kids play. Once we’re worn out or hungry or both, we’d grab a baked ziti pizza and eat it on the deck (with NO BUGS NEARBY). It’s my all-time favorite food and the only times I get to enjoy it are when we’re in NJ or whenever Ron makes it for me (special occasions, people!).


Lazy afternoon

Nothing is better than a lazy afternoon with your family. It’s funny because I started out with true #dreamday goals, but still end up back here. My #1 favorite thing to do is watch a movie with my family all curled up on the couch with blankets and popcorn. It’s rare that both kids actually sit through a whole movie, but the times it happens are perfection. I have really been wanting to watch Homeward Bound with them lately, but Riley seems less than interested so I would say if not that, then Alice in Wonderland (cartoon version…not trying to give them nightmares) or Wizard of Oz…two other classics on our list to watch!


More food please!

I’m pretty sure my dream day just revolves around food. Dinnertime would include a smorgasboard of appetizers and snacks with a pasta chaser. I would request buffalo chicken dip, prosciutto pinwheels and Disco fries, but the rest could be whatever. Just no shrimp! I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but my dream day would clearly include no cleaning on my part so either all plates and serving items are disposable or someone else washes them. If all our favorite people could come over and enjoy with us, that would just be the…


Cherry on top

After the kids were in bed, Ron and I would leave for a night out and if I want to really go all out here for BEST DAY EVER, we could totally recreate the night we got engaged. Seeing Wicked in NYC followed by an incredibly decadent dessert at Serendipity III was pretty amazing. Or we could go back to Charleston and eat at Hall’s Chophouse instead of dinner at home, followed by a frozen capuccino on a bike taxi and a buffet of desserts to share back in the hotel. OR we could just fly down to Mexico and relive our honeymoon nights where we brought back a dirty martini AND an Irish coffee back to our suite before ordering room service for 4th meal. A best day ever for real life though? Ice cream and a new Game of Thrones (I miss you already, Jon Snow) on the couch with my hubs.


I gotta say…I’m in a better mood right now just for writing this. I hope you take a few minutes today to visualize your best day ever (and maybe imagine yourself as Rapunzel up there). Hopefully it will give you the smiles, too!



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