I feel like I have a story, and I can choose to share it or keep it to myself. Here, I attempt to share with strangers the inner-workings of my life. Stay tuned for daily updates and thoughts as well as posts on makeup, outfits, my dog Bruce, and all the other minutia of my life.

— said Lindsay 6 years ago when this blog was created.


Now I still feel like I have a story, but usually I’m just too tired to share it. I’m now a mama to 2 crazy babies (Riley and Sawyer), still a wife to my (now police officer) husband, and fur mama to 3 (yes 3) pups (Bruce, Clark, and Peter). I obviously still use entirely too many parenthesis. I still fight to maintain some level of fitness and make food that doesn’t consist solely of pasta. And I don’t actually wear makeup all that often anymore, but maybe we can work to change that. I’m sure my local grocery stores (where I turn up about 2-3 times a week) will thank you. I hope you like reading along – I’m sometimes crazy, sometimes funny (although my husband isn’t so sure) and always a hot mess. Luckily, that mess includes a pretty awesome life that I love living.


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