Friday Faves

Friday Faves – Life Lately edition

Happy Friday, y’all! I might need to spend some more time in NJ or at least watching the Sopranos because my first instinct there was to write y’all instead of you guys. These are scary times indeed. We made it to another Friday! My weekend will consist of zumba (yay dancing!), grocery shopping and a… Continue reading Friday Faves – Life Lately edition

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Haven’t we been here before?

Hello again, it’s been a while. Each time I start writing again, I feel guilty for stopping, but it’s like I can only write when I have the need and desire to. Trying to write without them would leave you reading a very boring post. Anywho, here we are! Today is Eclipse Day, AKA I-closed-all-the-blinds-and-I’m-not-leaving-the-house-day.… Continue reading Haven’t we been here before?

Friday Faves

Friday Faves – the Mimi edition!

Happy Friday, people! This weekend should be a good one with a friend’s birthday party tomorrow and a day of family celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday! I know I literally just said it earlier this week, but I really love spending the day with my in-law’s. I honestly love spending the day with Ron and… Continue reading Friday Faves – the Mimi edition!