Happy Monday! So my Hubs had recently floated the idea of a guest post on Hot Mess, Cool Day. It seems fitting since he is my biggest fan and one of our first connections was through my proofreading and editing his English papers in college. He is hilarious, both in person and in print, and I think you’ll enjoy his soliloquy on one of my favorite topics…chips!

So for my first and possibly last guest blogging appearance I thought I would expand on a debate I was having earlier today with my favorite bride-to-be, Jillian. We were debating over a pretty controversial topic. What is the best chip? 

 It all started when I shared with my group chat that Lindz made the best buffalo chicken nachos today (for our fake Father’s Day). The cool part about these nachos was that instead of boring old Tostitos, Lindz used Cool Ranch Doritos. The cool ranch was perfect because I despise blue cheese and a ranchy chip was perfect for this dish.

I have an all-time great recipe, shared by one of my Army buddies for “Dorito Casserole”. Which is essentially a taco casserole with crumbled Spicier Nacho Doritos layered between queso filled clumps of spicy beef. With these two Dorito recipes in mind it brought up the question, which I shared in my chat; (that was for you Sean) Are Doritos the best chip ever made?

Probably because my group chat hates me, I only received one response on this topic from the lovely soon to be Mrs. Jill. Jill replied “It is the best CORN chip.” Now Jill didn’t capitalize corn like I just did but that’s how it appeared in my brain! Was Jill going to disagree with me on a topic that I obviously vested so much time into thinking about? Those of you who know me probably could guess that I was already building a Dorito defense before I finished reading the word corn. Fortunately, Jill has a way of explaining her opinion that I always respect and enjoy debating with, you could say she’s a worthy adversary.

I asked about the corn remark and Jill replied that her favorite chips are HERRS Sour Cream and Onion. Cool. Good flavor (at least she didn’t say salt and vinegar :vom face:). This displays why I appreciate Jill’s opinion, anyone could have said Lays Sour Cream and Onion but Jill chose HERRS. The common/number one choice of Delis around the world (which I’m beginning to realize are only in NJ). I told Jill that I respected her choice of HERRS due to the lack of commonality and she replied again, “It’s because they have the most flavor or seasoning per chip.” Jill has obviously but sometime into her thought process.

Now it makes me wonder, I was thinking of Doritos as the entire flavor spectrum. Is that fair? If I’m looking for the best chip of all time, should I be relegated to picking one flavor of Doritos? I’d like to say Sweet Chili Doritos are the best, but I honestly think I enjoy the Spicier Nacho the most. Then again, nothing beats the original flavored, straight up Nacho Cheese Dorito (Don’t get me started on the fact that this debate would be no contest if 3D Doritos still existed). When I decided that Nacho Cheese was the best Dorito, I felt that I can think of the rest of the flavors as a compliment to the Dorito chip entry.

With this out of the way, I decided that when Jill mentioned HERRS Sour Cream and Onion, it would only be fair to use the entire flavor profile of the HERRS Potato Chip brand. And although I respect Jill’s choice and the number one deli brand of chip I believe that Doritos rains supreme over HERRS.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is just my opinion here and it is hard to argue that the almighty potato chip can be beaten by any one kind of chip. I wouldn’t say you were wrong if you were in the potato corner. But for fun I thought of the other heavy hitter potato chip brands, Lays: NO, Not better than Dorito. Ruffles? Eh, any Ruffle potato chip that has a flavor sucks. Their original is ok if you’re in the right mood, but ultimately can’t touch a Dorito. My Dad brought up Wise and/or Utz. To be honest I haven’t tried Utz, as popular as they are so I reserve judgement for a later date. Wise was the potato chip of choice in the Bo household when I was growing up, mostly cause my mom enjoyed Dipsy Doodles and the Cheez Doodles (more in a min) were off the chain. Pringles is an intriguing option but eating Pringles is weird. They have a weird processed taste, even though it’s great. I know my buddy Picc would choose Pringles as his favorite chip but that’s a WHOLE other story. After a lot of thought on the potato chip market I realize my favorite potato chips are Munchos! Theyre so good! But not better than the Dorito! So potato chips lose this challenge.

So if you’ve hung in there this long with me I’ll try to run down my thoughts on the remaining chip brands:

The mighty Cheeto (crunchy mainly but also puffed): Epic. Cheetos at one time may have carried the torch for me. And I know some of you are huge fans of the Flaming Cheeto. But honestly the Flaming Cheeto is just ok. It’s not worth the butthole burn. Buffalo chicken nachos are worth a sleepless night in the latrine, but not for the Flaming Cheeto. Also The Wise Cheez Doodle (puffs) were pretty damn good. To have competition close in on you in the same category means you cannot wear the Lords Crown of Chip.

Frito: Yo! Fritos on fleek are so good. If you eat chili with Tostitos you’re a plain Jane. Live a little and enjoy it, scoop that Hormel mess with a Frito! They’re so good, they went ahead and made chili flavored Fritos! Something Tostito never thought of. Oh and hey Tostito scoops, good invention. Fritos were born as scoops! Fritos get old and have little Frito scoop babies! It’s all they know! Do yourself a favor this year at Super Bowl and throw a brick of Velveeta and two cans of Hormel in a Crockpot. MELT and MIX. And scoop with a damn Frito! You’ll thank me later, but if you dare try this with a Tostito I will personally come to your house at half time and punch you directly in the throat. In the end the Chili Fritos are so good I throw up EVERYTIME I eat them. Probably because I eat too many but whatever let me live. Ultimately thought Fritos are relegated to chili, Doritos win this matchup thanks to their versatility.

Tostitos: Mad respect. But I think I just ran a Frito train through your hopes of even placing in this contest.

Pretzel: “These pretzels….are making me thirsty” – Kosmo Kramer. The only cool thing that has ever happened to pretzels.

Funion: Wow. Super Chip. A worthy underdog to many listed above. On any given day I may go FOE. Funions Over Everything. Funion is like Apollo Creed, it may beat the Dorito by an upset, but eventually the Dorito will come back in the sequel to beat the Funion’s ass……then body slam Hulk Hogan and kick Mr. T’s ass. (Rocky enthusiasts, I realize Apollo was not the underdog in the first movie but from the viewer’s seat, the first time watching, you all thought Rocky was going to win!)

I was thinking earlier that I covered all worthy chips. I certainly didn’t leave out a chip that has a whole possibility of flavors did I? It hit me later! I left out Ivan Drago (I’m sure some of you noticed above)!

The Sun Chip (for the purposes of this blog The Ivan Drago Chip): “I must break you” A serious contender not to be taken lightly! Every original flavor was awesome! Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion and like the Dorito the best flavor may have been ORIGINAL! “If he dies…….he dies.” Mentally Sun Chips had Doritos on the ropes and then I remembered……….Garden Salsa and the most pathetic attempt at a BBQ (a personal fave) that I have ever seen. I’m not saying that every Dorito flavor is stellar, but no one bombed harder at flavors than Sun Chips attempt to expand. Doritos win by knockout. That one was for Apollo, the character and the Funions. Two fun facts: Lindz cried for approximately 7 min when SPOILER ALERT Apollo died in the Rocky movies. Fun Fact two and also huge reason for a knockout blow: Sun chips claim that their bags are biodegradable. THEY ARENT. Big nod to my friend Bri who attempted to put these in her compost bin and guess what! They didn’t…….biodegrate? Is that the right word? Anyway she was pretty pissed about it when she shared that story so I’m pretty pissed about it, too. Shame on Sun Chips…….and Russia.

Lindsay would hate me if I didn’t mention Jalapeno potato chips, but she isn’t totally loyal to a brand. She likes the HERRS Kettle Chip brand and we discussed HERRS in length earlier, but Lindz does not have a dog in this fight because although she becomes disappointed when her brand is not in stores, she gets over it quickly and picks up anything with a green pepper on it. I can respect her making the best of it but cannot identify with her lack of loyalty to a single brand!

Well that’s it! Doritos is my winner. Maybe because the closest thing to them in their category is Bravos. And all due respect to WISE they didn’t come close to my boys at Dorito.


photo courtesy of through a search

Have a better chip? Maybe something I overlooked that is at least worth mentioning? Share in the comments section. However don’t come at me with some kind of cracker/health food snack/Smart food because popcorn doesn’t count/or some random chip that you can only get in certain areas of the world or country (Jill that goes for your Hawaiian chip theory).

NOTE: the title of this story is how my daughter Riley says Chips. I told her to say Chips, please one night and it came out as chipsPEEEEZE;(SC) one word. It’s funny because to say please she only manages “Pa” but can squeeze out PEEEEZE for some chips!

Friday Faves

Another week, another dollar…or something like that. I considered not doing a Friday Faves post this week. It’s been a rough one. But then I thought about what that meant in the big picture, and I remembered there are always things to be happy about. Despite a crying baby each night or a messy house with baskets full of clean, unfolded laundry, the big picture is much brighter than all that. So thinking positive, here’s my Friday Faves. Here’s to a wonderful, sunny weekend!

I went to bed pretty late last night. I was writing my blog post and then decided to mess with my airbrush makeup machine and put away a basket of laundry and just random stuff. Somehow I ended up being awake until 2am and then Sawyer decided to wake up 3 times before 6am. That last wakeup happened just as my husband was getting home from work and he sat in bed with him for a few minutes while I went to get a fresh onesie (he had a mini explosion) and some more diapers. When I came back, Sawyer was all smiles. Ron has a knack for making him smile…and getting him to fall asleep! I laid down in bed with my boys for a few minutes and felt genuinely happy, despite having barely slept and know I was going to have to get up soon anyway. Baby smiles are one of the best things in the entire world.


I took Riley and Sawyer to the park a few days ago, and Riley was in seventh Heaven. She absolutely loved running and climbing all over the playground, and she is a champion at going down slides. She scared the crap out of me by climbing all the way to the tippy top of the playground and going down the twisty slide. I made her take her shoes off and throw them down to me because a friend once told me about her cousin who broke his leg when his sneaker got caught against a plastic slide. Ever since, I’ve had a mini heart attack every time she goes down the slide. I figured instead of fighting it, I just left her run around in her polka dot socks.


Earlier this week, I updated my makeup artist resume and took it down to South Park mall in Charlotte and dropped it off at the MAC counter. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to apply as a freelance artist. I used to get jobs through friends and family in New Jersey, but I don’t have that network of clients down here in North Carolina. Before I went down to the mall, I did my makeup full out with concealer and eyeliner and EVERYTHING. It’s been a long time since I really tried and went all out on my makeup, and it felt awesome. I used to do my makeup all the time, and I once wrote about the stress relieving qualities of putting on foundation. I swear the second that foundation brush hits my cheek, my stress begins to dissolve. You’d think with that reaction, I would do it more. Either way, it felt really nice to get dolled up.

Sawyer hangs out in his Mama-roo a lot during the day, which used to be Riley’s Mama-roo. Riley is such a little mom. She helps me change his diaper and gives him kisses and asks him to “holdy” the baby. She asks for him when she first gets up and helps me to rinse the soap off of him in the bathtub. Earlier today, my husband and I were watching TV on the couch while I fed Sawyer, and Riley took the opportunity to place her baby doll in the Mama-roo. I catch her doing this stuff all the time. Her baby doll also likes to take rides in Sawyer’s carseat and get her diaper changed on Sawyer’s mat. Riley also loves to tell me that Sawyer needs a hat and a “may-may” (blanket).


I tried freezer meals for the first time this week, and although we’ve only eaten two of them, they have both been a success. Plus, not needing to prep dinner and use only minimal cooking has been such a relief these past two days. Yesterday we had Coconut Lime Chicken and today we had Slow Cooker Ribs. I used meal plan 2 from Living Well Spending Less and her Sunday prep post because all the meat was on sale this week at Harris Teeter. The ribs especially have been super delicious. Prepping the week’s meals once a week takes only about an hour, and saves what seems like crazy amounts of time during the week, especially when Sawyer is crying nonstop for hours in the evening. I highly recommend trying freezer cooking, and feel like a big dummy for not having tried it since now!


Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit lost. Maybe it’s because the hubs is partially through his month of nights which always throws the life schedule off a bit. Maybe it’s because Sawyer is in his difficult baby phase (AKA he cries every afternoon/evening nonstop). Either way I feel like I am missing something, missing some kind of structure to my day which makes sense being that I am home with two miniature people all day every day without somewhere to be or something that needs to be done. As much as I have always hated getting up and getting ready and driving to work, especially since Riley was born because going to work meant leaving her, but doing that meant a schedule and structure in a day.


After my little man finally passed out…and after my resume trip to MAC, hence the makeup

With that in mind, I sat down today and came up with a daily schedule for the kids and me. It seems kind of silly to think of having a schedule for kids so young and a mom who is just home all day, but maybe it’s what’s necessary. Every and What to Expect email I get about kids seems to preach structure in children’s lives, down to their “before bed” schedule. I never really jumped on the scheduling thing for Riley outside of her daily nap…yes one. Sometimes she would also take a 2nd nap, but it was far from an everyday happening. This time around, I’m thinking schedules sound great. Adding some structure to our lives can only be a good thing, especially if I try to remember to go with the flow should it get messed up or need to be altered.


Riley “doing nice” to a crying Sawyer

I started re-reading The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin. It might have the longest title of all time, and I’ve read some generally controversial insight on the book, but I found it to be enlightening, at least in that it shed some light on factual information regarding happiness. Not a bad read when focusing on your own happiness, it seemed a natural jump from a guide on finding friends. So far I’ve only just begun getting back into chapter 1, but it goes over some basics, like getting enough sleep, exercising and organizing your home & task list. Small tangent here…I am a master at To Do lists….writing them anyway. Getting them done is another story. I love writing lists and always have. The only problem is my To Do lists are generally 20+ items long and feel completely daunting. Gretchen Rubin suggested tackling a big task that has been getting at you. There are no shortage of tasks around my house, many of which are NAGGING. I think the biggest and best thing I can do with my task if to finally get my husband’s t-shirt quilt made. As part of my anniversary gift to him last year, I bought him a t-shirt quilt, but have yet to send in the shirts to be made into the quilt. I am kind of compulsively terrible at following through with things (yes, Ron, I admit it!). I have started far too many things without seeing them through to fruition (scrapbooking, quilting, blogging to an extent…until now), and maybe it’s time to stop doing that. Part of the problem is definitely that I try to do things that I’m not completely interested in or feel like I should be interested in or that it would be great if I were interested in it, so sometimes I need to say no to my silly ideas. Another part of it is that I’m lazy and what little time I have left after family, work, chores, etc. I prefer to spend unwinding through Netflix and books.


True happiness.

Anyway, now that I have truly gone off the rails and given you insight into the lack of organization in my life, I’m telling you that will all change! My new schedule will not only have me going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, but SHOULD (if followed, anyway) give me time to work on my blog, exercise, read for pleasure, get housework done without spending a whole day on it, and even still give me time to hang out with my family. We’ll see how it works out, but I have high hopes that it will help with a happier, or at least more STRUCTURED life.

A little TMI for your Monday morning…

Can we talk about something that’s probably a little TMI for some of you out there? Birth control is stupid. It really is. I haven’t taken it in a few years due to pregnancy then migraines while breastfeeding then pregnancy, but I’m really not trying to have 3 kids under 3 and yet don’t want to rule out kids down the road. While at my 6-week post-partum check-up (lots of hyphens there), I discussed birth control options with my doctor. She was awesome and laid out specifics on each and every type of birth control. Birth control methods that release estrogen is a no-go for me because I’m breastfeeding Sawyer, and even the mini-pill, which I took briefly after having Riley, contributed to my migraines. After seeing a neurologist (for some reason I can never remember that word…I always want to say neurosurgeon), he recommended I try an alternate form of birth control to help with the pain of migraines. This time around, I didn’t want to try a pill for that reason as well as the unreliability factor (aka I’m forgetful) so I was looking into IUDs (Intrauterine Devices) and the implant, Nexplanon. Before leaving the office, I was given a dose of the birth control shot, Depo Provera. I can’t say I’m a big fan as of yet.

I also haven’t heard great things about IUDs. I’ve heard horror stories involving surgical removal as well as loss of fertility from all kinds of IUDs. I’ve also read (on various forums and discussion boards…terrible idea) about the crazy mood swings and screwed up menstrual cycles that go along with Mirena. The whole IUD idea scares me…it doesn’t seem natural to have something, even a little something, inserted THERE for that long (5-10 years depending on the brand!). On the other hand is the implant, Nexplanon (formerly Implanon), which is inserted into your arm and distributes hormones into your blood stream. Again, there’s the ick factor of ANYTHING being in your body that isn’t supposed to be, but for some reason I can get on board with a tiny stick of birth control in my arm. All birth control options (with the exception of the hormone-less IUD Paraguard) seem to contain super awesome symptoms including weight gain, moodswings, acne, screwy menstrual cycles, reduced sex drive and migraines. With all those possibilities, I can almost get on board with the 3 under 3 thing (I keed, I keed!).


Gotta love the disclaimer…”Not an actual patient”

This is kind of a lot to take in on a Monday morning, but all weekend I’ve felt depressed and angry, and just seven weeks after having Sawyer, my period has returned, something breast feeding moms don’t have to deal with for at least a few months. All of this thanks to my recent foray into birth control. If the past few days are any indication of the birth control journey awaiting me, I’m definitely not excited. I’m obviously leading toward Nexplanon, but am totally lost among the options. The handouts from the doctor’s office showing a girl push her guitar on a swing are about as helpful as tampon commercials with the girl jumping off the high dive. They’re all confusing and don’t really offer any legitimate advice. Any of you ladies out there have some advice here? Save me from the discussion boards, please!

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! It’s been a gray and rainy week here, and I’m excited for some sunshine this weekend. It’s supposed to be 90 and sunny tomorrow so that should help to make it feel more like June. I have loved the brief rainstorms here and there this week (as you know), but the constant gloominess isn’t my favorite. I hope your weekend is sunny and happy, just like mine should be!

1. Last night Ron, Riley, Sawyer & I took a walk around our neighborhood. We did the whole penis-shaped lap (see picture here) and the cooler weather made the walk feel awesome. I toted Sawyer around in his Ergo carrier, and he loved it. He totally calmed down and just kinda zoned out while we took our time walking the neighborhood. I don’t know what it is about having kids that has made me love going for walks (maybe just the chance to get out of the house?!), but since Riley was born, walking has really worked to clear my mind.


Sawyer in his Mamaroo, not Ergo

2. Ron and I spent a good portion of the walk talking about improvements we would like to make on our house one day as well as cosmetic fixings that we could do sooner. My husband as always wanted a man cave, and he is going to start working on our bonus room soon. We also talked about painting the kitchen cabinets and adding a backsplash. Finally, now that summer is here, it’s painfully obvious that we need to make our yard pretty. There are tons of weeds (hey there giant patch of clovers in front of our house!) and no decoration around the trees or hedges. I’m excited to undertake the project (with the goal for it to look nice next summer!), but have no idea where to begin or what to do. Gardening, home maintenance and handiwork has never been a strong suit of mine, but I’m down to make it a hobby. Tips and advice appreciated!

3. I talked with my mother-in-law about my post earlier this week about my lack of grown-up friendships in our new hometown. She helped me to realize that putting myself out there, no matter how awkward, will really turn things around. When she first moved to a new town with 2 kids in NJ, her next-door neighbor was her closest friend because it was easy to introduce yourself and spend time together. The neighbors on both sides of me have young kids and although we’ve hung out with one of the families, I would love to get to know them better. I also reached out to a woman Riley and I met through my mother-in-law who has a daughter just a few weeks younger than Riley, and I’m taking the kids to the farmer’s market tomorrow for a meet-up with a mom’s group. Here’s to a summer of awkward, but new friendships!

4. My father-in-law and sister-in-law came over for dinner last night (mother-in-law is in NJ, lucky!), and Ron made the most amazing burgers . The recipe came from Rachael Ray’s burger cookbook, and I might be dreaming of them for a few weeks. They had a bacon and onion topping along with a delicious sauce made from ketchup and mayo and who knows what.  Ron has always been an awesome burger-maker, but since getting a grill this summer, he’s really amped up his game. Last night’s dinner is just another in a long line of success including the grilled cheese burger, caprese burger, and the pizza burger…which was more like a calzone burger wrapped and baked in pizza dough. He also makes a grilled chicken sandwich that’s out of this world!

5. Happy National Donut Day! Thanks to my husband’s smart decision to abstain, I did not run out to Dunkin this morning to get us some free donuts, but I will happily live vicariously through you! Someone eat a maple glazed for me (ohmygod so yummy!)

Working on my fitness

There’s something about a new month that makes me feel refreshed, like a blank page in a journal. Ever since I was little, I loved having a new planner and a fresh page on the calendar makes me inordinately happy. June 1st falling on a Monday was like a double whammy of calendar joy. I have always had a weird thing with even numbers and starting a new month the same day as the beginning of a new week just feels extra fresh.

On Monday I woke up early, not on purpose, but just because Sawyer & his little dinosaur noises decided it be so. It honestly wasn’t even all that early, but Riley wasn’t up yet so to me that seems early. It gave me the opportunity to get up on my own without waking up to her yelling at me through the baby monitor, which always feels better than an alarm, human or otherwise. I managed to move Sawyer downstairs to his Mamaroo and make my iced coffee (I’ve since perfected my coffee to water to ice ratio!) and warm up a cookie that Ron & Riley made last weekend (sounds like a terrible breakfast, but the cookies are made up of bananas, oats, raisins, cinnamon chips & vanilla extract – so delicious!). I actually sat down on the couch to nurse Sawyer instead of in front of my computer screen and watch an episode of Parenthood (my obsession). Anytime my day starts out well it seems to have some of these qualities: waking up earlier than the kids, sitting to relax and watch TV or read & catch up on current events or blogs (I love the Skimm for an abbreviated, but knowledgeable update on what’s happening in the world), and starting my day on time. Feeling rushed or bombarded by toddlers doesn’t make for a great start to anyone’s day.

I also began to work out on Monday, since I was cleared to do so last week (yay!). I have a couple of apps/websites that I love for helping with my fitness goals, and I figured I could help a friend out by sharing.

First and foremost, Map My Run. An app powered by Under Armour, May My Run allows you to track your route and find your way home if you get lost (as some of us might have done in the past). It gives you updates as to time and mileage every five minutes, and even allows you to initiate coaching or stream music through the app. You can also save your workouts and track your progress. There is a bunch of other functions in the app, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with. Through Map My Run, I also found Run Trainer, also through Under Armour. Run Trainer allows you to enter your current activity level, the desired amount of running days, the distance you’re training for and when you’d like to complete it by. With all this information, it gives you a training program to achieve your goals. My current goal is to complete a 10k by September 1st and with Run Trainer, I might be able to make it happen step by step…literally.

Tone It Up is a website I’ve been following off and on for a long time. Run by two gorgeous girls, Karena and Katrina, it consists of a nutrition plan as well as free exercise videos. They also sell workout DVD’s, swimwear, and their own line of on-the-go protein powder, but Tone It Up is mainly an online community for girls trying to lose weight and get healthy to gain support and learn to make smart choices. They post free workouts as well as weekly schedules that go along with different 8 week series. Their workouts are challenging without being impossible, and they are always super cheerful and positive. If nothing else, the beach background definitely helps to distract you from the pain of the full minute of squats you’re doing.

Karena & Katrina of Tone It Up…click to get to!

Blogilates is another website I found and love. Cassey Ho runs the pilates driven website and also offers free workouts set to a monthly calendar, along with a shop full of fun workout gear (I’m especially intrigued by her detox water bottles for infusing your water with fruit!). She recently began Pop Pilates as a program that can be taught at gyms all over. She is VERY positive and bubbly, but her challenges are very hard and I love that her videos are usually a max of 20 minutes long with many being between the 5-10 minute mark. It certainly makes it easy for a busy mom to fit in a 5 minute video. She also has an app that makes the whole shebang more convenient for you!

These programs have helped me in the past to lose weight and get fit, and I’ll be using a combination of all three to get in shape this time around. It’s important to schedule time for yourself to work out because you’re the only one that can make it a priority for yourself, which is something I need to remind myself every day. In the same breath, it’s also good to remember that you’re not superwoman and working out every single day the first week back, which is how I’m justifying going to bed without working out. Ha! Plus by going to bed early(er) tonight, I can hopefully get up early tomorrow and go for a run (cool with you, Ron? JK hopefully it will be over by the time you read this!). Priorities people…beauty sleep then beast training!
**I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who reached out after my post yesterday about making friends. I love hearing from anyone that reads my blog and I’m so happy if something I write helps or speaks to you. It also made me feel better to know that even people in my own circles feel similarly! Thank you again 🙂

It’s only a sun shower, we been through worse weather

It’s almost 6pm on a Monday, and I just finished up some tasks. I’m sitting at my kitchen table watching the sun shower come down through the picture window that looks out to our backyard. The back door is wide open and through the screen I can smell “outside” mixed with wet dirt, a wholesome, fresh kind of scent. The rain is making “tap, tap, tap” noises on the grill cover on the patio, and the whole scene has the feeling of a re-do. Rainstorms, especially sun showers, seem to be nature’s way of starting anew and rinsing the day away. I wish Riley were awake to look out at the rain with me, but I have Sawyer cooing in his Mamaroo nearby. I love the rain. I love its excuse to stay in and watch Netflix on a nothing day. I love the smell it leaves behind. I love everything about a sun shower, and don’t even mind getting wet, feeling the cool drops on a warm day. I love rain storms like this, where it gets faster and harder and then peters out to a slow drip, drop, almost like the building and dropping crescendo of a song. It leaves the unexpected possible.


I was planning on taking the kiddos for a walk this evening and I still might even the rain stops and the sun comes out for a bit more before it goes to bed. But right now, with a napping toddler and content baby, I have no excuses not to enjoy the moment…and then use it to exercise! You can catch me in my living room, working out to free Youtube videos on my laptop. I promise to share my favorite (free!) programs at some point coming up, but for now, I hope you’re enjoying your weather however you’re able right now!

And in what feels like an instant, the sun is back and construction or landscaping has resumed down the street (I’ve been listening to some kind of power tools all day) and my little sun shower feels like it was all in my imagination. But the world is bright and new, perfectly fitting for June 1st!

To Sonic or Not to Sonic…

What is it about diets that make you want all things delicious and terrible for you? Yesterday I took Riley to Target to get her sandals for our friend Jill’s wedding coming up next month (Riley is a flower girl!), and managed to willpower myself away from Pizza Hut, Starbucks, AND Chik-Fil-A. Chik-Fil-A is not normally somewhere I would need to try to resist, but I recently saw an ad for their frozen lemonade and after learning it was delicious lemonade mixed with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, I have seriously been jonesing for some. I tried to make a Crystal Light slush when I came home and it was only marginally successful. It was more like an extra cold glass of Crystal Light.

Also, for months, if not years, I have been intrigued by the Sonic commercials showcasing their million flavors of shakes. Ron said they probably aren’t that good, based on our opinion of their food a few years ago, but for some reason my taste buds are still suckered in. We just had a debate over whether a 20 minute ride to what may or may not be a sketchy part of Charlotte was worth a wide selection of shakes. I was on the pro side of the trip.

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Honestly, it’s just an excuse for a fun trip to get a delicious milkshake, which for some reason I am all about lately. I hide my milkshake craving in chocolate banana peanut butter protein shakes (recipe to follow later this week!) once every few days, and while delicious, they just aren’t the same as the fattening ice cream version.

Last night after my Target trip that resulted in zero delicious treats, I sat on the couch nursing Sawyer and googling homemade skinny versions of yummy frozen drinks. I didn’t have the necessary ingredients for any of the drinks, a failure for grown-up Lindsay’s pantry, but probably a plus for my budget and waistline as I am sure they wouldn’t come out right until I’d blown through my ingredients. I plan to find or come up with some deliciously decadent yet still semi-healthy frozen drink for the summer, but until then I will settle on the Weight Watchers ice cream bars I brought home this weekend. A great find…Harris Teeter had them on super sale! I ended up paying about $7 for four boxes of low-fat ice cream bars. Gotta love that kind of savings!

Back to the situation at hand…are Sonic milkshakes worth a potentially shady trip? My rational side says no, but my inner fat kid says it’s worth a shot. Should I compromise with a Chik-Fil-A frozen lemonade? Should I try to fill these time spent lusting over fast food beverages with some exercise? In the event that doesn’t work, do you have a semi-diet frozen treat recipe you’d like to share with the class? Please do if so!

Riley loves shakes, too, as evidenced by these photo of her enjoying a Shamrock Shake with her Peepop on St. Patrick’s Day. And now I want a Shamrock Shake. Send help.

P.S. – I have made “ice cream” out of frozen bananas in the past. Super delicious and not at all bad for you. Will share that as well later this week!

Friday Faves

Fridays seem to take forever and yet sneak up on you at the same time. I’m excited to have my husband home this weekend (yay for the weekend off!) and to have some relaxing time. I also need to clean the house and (finally) fold the laundry…not so exciting, but it always feels good when it’s done. We’re going to a BBQ for my husband’s work on Sunday which I’m looking forward to. Maternity leave gives me all kinds of cabin fever! Below are this week’s faves!

Harris Teeter Home Shop – My mother-in-law used to work for Harris Teeter and one of her many roles there included home shop. She would actually shop people’s orders that they placed online. I love to grocery shop (sans children anyway) so this almost seems fun. Of course, needing to get it done quickly and accurately sounds less fun. Anyway, I finally tried the service myself last week after attempting to bring one or both children with me lately. Sawyer seems to take any absence from me as an excuse to scream at the top of his lungs and grocery shopping with 2 under 2 is its own special torture. I love that I can order my groceries online and then just pull through the drive thru to pick them up a few hours later. Totally easy and scream-free!

We had a BBQ at my in-law’s house for Memorial Day and my littles are just the cutest. Riley loved the inflatable pool set up on the deck and was in and out of the pool for hours. She also discovered dip and dunking chips in dip is now her new favorite pastime. She didn’t stop at dip however and also tried to dunk her chips in the pool… You’re not doing it right.   

    Week 2 of (semi) healthy eating has been good although my sweet tooth is just not backing down this go around. All I want is chocolate and peanut butter and ice cream nonstop all the time. The only reason I haven’t eaten a carton of ice cream is because we don’t have any, but I did convince my family (it wasn’t that hard) to go to Kilwin’s for a pre-dinner treat earlier this week. Kilwin’s is the most unbelievable chocolate shop located in a shopping center here in Huntersville and their ice cream is out of this world. They have marshmallow flavors for summer and my ice cream consisted of a giant scoop of S’mores and one of Fudgie Brownie. My mouth is watering just thinking about it… 

Ron’s ice cream cone…I prefer cups


Riley and her blue ice cream

 Sawyer is starting to look more like a little person. He’s been awake a lot more, and he is just a lowkey baby. He seems to just take his surroundings in, and even though his smiles are not super frequent yet, I live for those gummy little grins. There’s also something about the way a baby grabs on to you like you’re their life raft (and in some ways you are) that makes my heart melt. I love to cuddle his warm little babyness! 

 I’m going to the doctor for my 6 week postnatal checkup tomorrow and I’m excited to be cleared for exercise. Of course this will be a blessing and a curse because I won’t have an excuse now to work out. My plan is to take walks with babies in the evenings and try to fit in short runs here and there when my husband is home. We have a workout bench and weights in the garage, and I always have my trusty Turbo Fire or the Insanity that ruled my and Ron’s summer last year to fall back on. Wish me luck!

Turbo Fire with a tiny Riley

Turbo Fire with a tiny Riley