Sawyer Odin

The Friday Faves – SAWYER is *Almost* TWO!

I know I’ve been super MIA lately, and I hope to rectify that in coming weeks. I feel like I’ve been coming back to life after Ron being at training for almost 2 weeks straight and then having company and then sickness in our house. Anyway, more about that all next week. Right now I… Continue reading The Friday Faves – SAWYER is *Almost* TWO!


#WritingWednesday…a week late

So thanks to my time off of blogging last week, I didn’t participate in #WritingWednesday with one of my author idols, Stephanie Klein, last week. The game here is to follow her prompt for a writing exercise each week. Below is LAST week’s prompt only 7 days late! What would you write if you weren’t… Continue reading #WritingWednesday…a week late