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Show & Tell Tuesday (Um, Thursday)

I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals today to share show and tell you what’s in my bag. You’re lucky because I just cleaned my purse out 2 days ago so it is still relatively tidy. On any given day it could have anything from Nutrigrain bars (most likely the generic Aldi version) and applesauce… Continue reading Show & Tell Tuesday (Um, Thursday)

Back to school, back to school... · Riley Juliet

To my first baby on the first day of pre-school…

Riley girl, I honestly can’t fathom how time has moved so quickly. One second ago, I swear you were just a little baby, smiling at me from your crib in the morning or playing with Pee-pop when I got home from work. Sometimes I truly can’t believe you’re mine, that your daddy and I are… Continue reading To my first baby on the first day of pre-school…

Virtual Book Shelf

Overdue – 26 down, 24 to go!

I mentioned yesterday that I haven’t been reading as much as usual this summer. I jumped around through some books I’ve already read (including the whole Divergent series – not sure what brought me there, but I tried to watch the movie again, too. It’s just not good), but nothing new spoke to me. I… Continue reading Overdue – 26 down, 24 to go!